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How Speakers Can Sell From The Stage Without Scaring Away The Audience...

Adding massive value to a conference audience, whilst simultaneously selling your product or service can be a tricky balance fraught with pitfalls…

It's not for the fainthearted.

I’ve been speaking professionally for the best part of twenty years, though the word ‘professionally’ increasingly means different things.

Professional in the sense that you get paid to speak. Professional in the sense that it can take many years to learn the craft of public speaking, and professional in the sense of how you support and work closely with conference organisers and meeting planners to help them achieve their goals. Professionalism is about constant learning.

No two opportunities to speak are the same, but every opportunity brings a responsibility on speakers to be ‘professional’ and to add as much value as possible to the event - whether it's a huge global conference, small breakout session or a presentation to your local Chamber of Commerce.

As a member of the UK’s Professional Speaking Association (PSA), it’s great to get the opportunity to meet and engage with others who want to speak more and speak better, just as members of the National Speakers Association (NSA) in the USA enjoy similar benefits. 

At every PSA meeting I attend, I learn something exciting and new – it can be an engaging presentation technique, a cool marketing idea or perhaps a customer service gem to help 'wow' event planners.

But an ongoing debate amongst speakers at all levels of experience is the one that challenges the merits (or otherwise) of speaking for free.

There are those who passionately believe that speakers should never speak for free. After all, you are being asked to speak at event because (presumably) the organiser believes that you have significant expertise and value to share and that you are much more than just 'competent' in your presentation delivery.

They would argue that your expertise has taken many years to build and that your talk has taken time and effort to carefully customise to your audience – so why should you give that expertise away for free? After all, we all want to be paid for the work that we do. At the very least, there needs to be an exchange of value.

Others take the approach that speaking without a fee to an audience of anything between a handful of people to upwards of a thousand delegates could be just the showcase you need to raise your profile, establish your reputation and sell/promote your consultancy and other services. Give, give, give - and in time you will receive.

In fact a recent survey I ran, showed quite clearly that experts often obtain other speaking opportunities as a result of their previous presentations. Referrals are everything, so perhaps speaking for free has its benefits.

Fees that speakers charge vary from a few hundred pounds/dollars, up into the thousands – much higher if you are a ‘celebrity’ or highly niched speaker with specialist and hard-to-find skills.

Some speakers, when presenting will, when appropriate, sell their products or services from the stage, and that opportunity is often offered by conference organisers when a fee is not being paid.

Granted, when you attend a conference or event as a member of the audience, you don’t always want to sit through a day’s worth of sales pitches. Nothing could be worse.

But the highly skilled speaker who understands a little psychology and the importance of giving massive value, can learn how to deliver high quality content, whilst simultaneously selling a product in high volume.

And when you do this, you are able to more than please the event organiser, whilst leaving the audience eager for more.

Everybody wins.

It’s a tough balance to strike, but very doable when you know how.

And so it was in February 2018, when one speaker did exactly that at a large conference in Las Vegas... 

He struck the amazing balance between adding massive value to the audience, massive value to the event - and both whilst adding a huge boost to his bank balance.

So much so, that he sold over $3 million in products from the stage in just ninety minutes.

And from tables 'at the back of the room'.

Regardless of the size of the audience, that level of sales success takes a great deal of skill. It means knowing how to educate, entertain and offer massive value.

Above all, it means knowing the art and science of how to sell from the stage.

That’s why you should watch this amazing video, where you’ll discover a complete behind-the-scenes breakdown of everything that went into this $3 million speech, including:

·        How he prepped for the speech

·        How he used Social Proof

·        How he used Reciprocity in his speech

·        How he took orders

·        How he worked with the conference organisers to maximise sales

·        And much more…


·        How to get the script (for free) that he used in his speech, which you can model for your own presentations.

Does that sound good?!

$3 million in 'back of room' sales from a single presentation at a conference is an amazing achievement by any standards. But there is a clear process that you should adopt if you are to be successful when selling from the stage – but working with the event organisers and without compromising your professionalism.

And let's be clear - it's not a sales 'trick' or hypnotism or anything unethical! It's simply a proven presentation methodology which works to help you sell more from the stage without scaring away the audience, without upsetting the meeting planner and without damaging your credibility and reputation as a speaking professional.

You should click here to watch the video and learn more:

How Speakers Can Sell From The Stage Without Scaring Away The Audience...

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