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Update! Speakers, Coaches and Business Consultants Who Get Great Results From Social Media Do These Three Things

Of course, it’s important to first define ‘great results’ – the assumption being that Social Media is always a marketing activity designed to attract new clients.

“Why else would you use Social Media then?” asked one attendee at a recent workshop. It’s a fair question, so here are the best results that Speakers, Coaches and Consultants tend to see from their use of Social Media:

1. They get many more visits to their website

2. They are able to improve their search engine rankings

3. Prospects can build a better picture of a consultant by seeing beyond just what he or she put on their website

4. They are able to reinforce themselves as authoritative and credible in (say) leadership, customer service, creativity – whatever their area of expertise

5. They strengthen their reputation for trustworthiness

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