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Online Site Crash - Monstrous Hostmonster Story

in 2013,  I  started a simple blog using wordpress (WP). It was a normal blog that I was compelled to write out of a business effort began in 1998. An entrepreneurial spirit seeded by my father Phillip Ross McClore, an A. L. Williams company product (short story) whom became an independant over the years. I worked with him for about 10 years, but it turned out to not be my cup of tea as a manner of phrase.  This blog was on a Linux server hosted at HostMonster which I built upon continuously until it became an enhanced VPS product still not too expensive as it was not a dedicated box even though I had root privileges. Many years of development and blogging was brought to halt by HostMonster because they claimed that of twenty-one links out my eight hundred, there  were four of these suspected to be malicious. They never identified these links to me.  And,  I did not have the bandwidth to inspect hundreds of links to find them. So, I had no legs to refute and fight the claim. I was forced by several suspension methods they leveraged against the blogging software and my specific infrastructure to shutdown the site. I left out an important part. They offered to fix the site through a malware restoration service they mentioned to me which cost upwards of three figures per month; hundreds of dollars. Since that hectic time,  effort, and discussion I have learned of other hosting facilities which protect  against such mal