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Turning weakness into a strength.

Turning weakness into a strength.

 A common question asked in job interviews is what are your perceived weakness and strengths.This question can make even the savviest job candidate cringe. The question isn't difficult but finding the right answer is challenging for most people. Why? Fear of providing the wrong answer is often at the top of the list. In this article on Be Bee, I will discuss finding strength in weakness. 

Every person has a unique set of strengths and weakness which can help or hinder them in their journey in life. One individual possesses strong communication skills but is weak in organizational planning abilities.The next person strengths and weakness are completely vice versa. Moreover, for most of the 20th century admitting to personal weakness was a professional taboo. However, an individual greatest weakness may, in time, become their greatest strength. How can one possibly turn a personal weakness into a strength?

 The first step is overcoming fear is admitting to personal weakness.Fear is largely unfounded, but I believe it's a stumbling block in achieving self-improvement goals.The only way to uncover fear is facing it directly in life. For example, Abraham Lincoln in the long struggle of the Civil War feared he, wasn't strong enough,  to lead his nation to victory over the Confederacy. Abraham Lincoln endeavored to preserve and the Civil War concluded in 1865. 

The second step is to embrace the weakness as part of your unique personal identity. Instead of attempting to camouflage weaknesses, I think it's wiser to accept the weaknesses into your core DNA.Seek advice from peers who exhibit strength in the areas you are weakest at today. Moreover, I think it's wise to replicate those best practices into your daily professional routine. Learning to unlearn bad practices is the final key to turning a weakness into a strength. Unlearning is about moving way from something that failing you in its current form. 

 With the new day comes new strenght and new thoughts. Eleanor Roosevelt. 

 Thanks for reading this article on Be Bee. What is your insight on turning a weakness into a strength? 

My wisdom of the day is your writing @Phillip Louis D 'Amato "Instead of attempting to camouflage weaknesses, I think it's wiser to accept the weaknesses into your core DNA"

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Phillip Louis D 'Amato 20/3/2017 · #6

#4 Thanks for sharing today.

Phillip Louis D 'Amato 20/3/2017 · #5

#3 Glad you enjoyed the piece . Thanks for your insightful and intelligent comments.

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Phillip Hubbell 20/3/2017 · #4

At a point in my career my greatest strength was my willingness to travel 100% of the time. My greatest weakness was my fear of flying.

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debasish majumder 20/3/2017 · #3

if an employer dare to ask question about an aspiring employee's strength and weakness, have he ever thought about his own self? this is the crude advantage he is taking to embarrass the aspiring candidate . weakness or strength is entirely a relative terminology and what may be the strength to the employee, may be considered as weakness to the employer. this is perhaps a fallacy being clouded by the recruiting world, taking advantage of the present unemployment scenario across the world. however lovely insight @Phillip Louis D 'Amato! enjoyed read. thank you for the share.

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Phillip Louis D 'Amato 19/3/2017 · #2

Thanks for your insight today.

Marisa Fonseca Diniz 19/3/2017 · #1

Good reflection! Our weaknesses should serve as a lesson to learn to overcome them and turn them into something that is favorable to ourselves.

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