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A little old music

A little old music

Inspired by Andrew Porter's music posts.

It’s a Friday so I thought I would put some of my favorite music on here from the olden days. For a Friday, these guys were a one hit wonder, but I always liked this song.

Friday on my Mind – Easybeats 1966

This next one is a year later. Most people don’t realize how old this song is. This is a stripped down version live. They had a hit with the studio version with all the bells and whistles…that one’s good too.

Conquistador – Procol Harum 1967

Badfinger was such a great band and such a tragic story ending in suicides. They put out some of the best music of the early 70s and went nowhere. On the studio version, Leon Russell played piano as it was recorded just after the Concert for Bangladesh which interrupted the sessions at Abby Road. Todd Rungren helped them finish the album Straight Up. In my opinion, some of the best music ever.

Baby Blue – Badfinger 1972


And finally…a little jazz. Me and my rocker friends discovered Mose Alison early on.

Your Molecular Structure – Mose Allison 1975


GYPSY RYDER - PHOTO - My late brother Tommy far left.

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