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Supply Chain Guy

I started life wanting to become a writer. I had an unnatural obsession with reading and looking at the names of people on the book covers, it struck me as the ultimate achievement. What I read about being an author was that one should write about what one knows. In that pursuit of knowing something worthy to write about, I led a varied life.

Spent my early childhood on a farm, check!

Had various jobs as a teenager, check!

Had interesting parents, check!

Had interesting siblings, check!

Lived in interesting times, check!

Worked as a salesman, check!

Worked in a mental hospital, check!

Worked in a prison, check!

Had a paper route, check!

Learned to drive a forklift, check!

Traveled, check!

Wrote for the high school newspaper, check!

Wrote for the college newspaper, check!

Was a parent, check!

Ran for public office, check!

Lost the election, check!

Anyway, all this preparation for being a writer didn’t really make me a writer. What I really needed was stability and a job that paid the bills. Writing never paid the bills. I abandoned writing to become the antithesis of a writer. I became a supply chain consultant. I didn’t just become one right off. First I worked as a dishwasher, an assembl