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3 Key Functionalities of CRM

3 Key Functionalities of CRM

“CRM software is becoming indispensable part of every business in this vying business scenario”. The statement is undoubtedly legitimate and it stands true on the basis of three key functionalities of CRM that make this wizardry occur. The three magical CRM Functionalities are:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Service Automation

Sales Force Automation:

Sales are crucial to the success of every business. At some instances, business owners sell their product and at others, they barter their services hence the core idea behind every business today is sales. Understanding the key role of sales for every business, CRM softwares offer sales force automation system to improve sales strategies and help boost potential of sales professionals by facilitating them in identifying their opportunities. With the use of sales force automation, sales personals can expeditiously manage their contacts, accounts, pipelines, and related activities. Another glory of this system is the forecast functionality that helps sales directors to generate accurate and timely forecast reports. These reports fuels informed decision making and help manage quota performance across team and territories.

Sales force automation system entangles a lot of meaningful functionalities such as activity management, alerts and notifications, opportunity management and task management etc. The “Activity Management” lets you control all the activities taking place in your organization. “Alerts and Notification” feature notifies you when a task gets completed or anything that you want to be notified about. “Opportunity Management” gives you an opportunity to follow a lead that you can turn into an opportunity and eventually a happy customer and lastly the “Task Management” enables you to manage all the tasks in your organization without ever having to leave your seat.

Marketing Automation:

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