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30 Business Problems a CRM Solves

30 Business Problems a CRM Solves

So recently I have been getting a lot of questions like what does a CRM do? Why do I need a CRM? What is CRM used for? Why is CRM important for an organization? I personally felt that there are a lot of businesses out there who are wondering about all the hype surrounding CRM especially the promising stats like it increases Sales by 29% on average. These people want to adopt the CRM technology but at the same time, are still very confused about what a CRM implementation will actually do for their business. Be it a startup, a small sized venture or an established enterprise; they’re all looking to improve their CRM strategy.

Then there are those who know (to some extent) what a CRM is and what it promises but they have been waiting on the fence for a long time, waiting to take that last leap towards adopting a CRM. For the purpose of addressing this issue, the following post has been drafted. In fact, I will answer only one question “What business problems does a CRM solve?” and will clarify you all the functionalities of a CRM. I shall present to you, exactly what you can achieve by adopting it?

A) Day to day tasks

1. Unorganized Database:

Unorganized Businesses don’t make profit!

The first and foremost way a CRM will help your business is by keeping all your data organized on a single platform; be it Sales, Marketing or Customer Support.

2. Updating Address Book

Gone are the days of manual updating

A CRM will automatically store and retrieve all your contacts whenever you need them.

3. Event Scheduling

Who has time to do it manually?

Got a pending event? Simply schedule it from within your CRM. Let your clients and employees know about it. Your employees would have trouble not showing up at a meeting after this.

4. Client Communication

Could it be more important?

No! One thing that is absolutely vital in this age of fierce competition is cultivating relationships, and that has to be achieved through effective client communication. In fact, retaining an existing client is 6-7 times less expensive than establishing a new one. With an effective CRM, you can call, message or Email a client without switching between windows.

5. To-Do Task-List

Have a bad memory? Let a CRM serve you!

No more missing important tasks! The inbox of your e-mail is not an efficient place for you to keep track of your tasks. A CRM will show you a visual list of all the tasks that you needed to undertake and even keep on telling you to meet you deadlines. Yes, it will get annoying; but you’ll be much more productive, eh?

6. Documenting Activities

Documentation is boring let’s face it!

No one wants to undertake manual documentations anymore. Not only is it lethargic and monotonous, but also highly counterproductive. Your workforce could be spending the same time selling or servicing clients. A CRM will set your priorities straight.

7. Data Management

Back that data up!

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