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30 signs you need a CRM for your startup

30 signs you need a CRM for your startup

30 signs you need a CRM for your startup

As indicated by the World Economic Forum and Forbes, 90% of the new companies and startups come up short inside the initial 5 years of their origin. Why do you think that is? I’m sure all entrepreneurs have praiseworthy passion about the expansion of their venture. But passion and zeal isn’t enough for a successful startup, is it? In a panoramic view, the reasons range from budgetary constraints, technical limitations, weak marketing strategies and futile management systems.

It doesn’t matter what the scale of your startup is. You may be a small sized venture or an established enterprise. But remember one fact; ‘startup’ is just a term. Every business procedure was initially a startup. And regardless of the magnitude of your venture, you must be facing some sort of hassles and hurdles in your business procedures. An efficient and productive CRM can help you eliminate some of the most elementary bugs in your startup.

I shall present to you 30 signs that indicate your startup is in dire need of a CRM:

  • People don’t know we exist.

    If a startup is able to solidify their name in the mantle of the business community, believe me, they’ve done half the job.

  • Lose a salesperson; lose a client.

    This indicates that your startup is reliant on the individualistic sales prowess of your salesperson. Your clients should be loyal to your startup.

  • Client communication has become a nuisance.

    Every entrepreneur understands that retaining a customer is as, if not more, important than establishing a new one. If you do not have an established way to track and nurture your
    existing clientele, an efficient CRM can be the game changer for you.

  • I just can’t find relevant customer data when I need it.

    Inefficient data entry can be the nail in the coffin of any startup. Don’t take it lightly.

  • I’m getting insane traffic on my website, but still no conversions.

    That might be because your startup doesn’t have personalized communication on your website. Remember, clients want that.

  • Startup decisions and risks are taken on gut feeling, rather than with using statistical evidence.

    A well-organized CRM system will present to you, certain predictions and forecasting that can revamp your startup.

  • A client calls me. I have no idea about his purchase history and product preference.

    That doesn’t impart a positive impression, does it? Clients of new startup are always expecting a personal touch in business dealings.

  • Can’t understand which specific product my leads are interested in.

    Despite the traffic, you can’t exactly pinpoint the product your leads are most interested in. This is really important because for more sales, more time and resources must be allocated to your startups ‘hot potato’ product.

  • I can’t decide my startup’s future investment opportunities.

    Predictive analysis is an inherent feature of a CRM system. Decisions regarding future investments of your startups become much more secure and safe.

  • My salespeople don’t have my client’s information when they’re on the field.

    Presenting you startup team members with invigorating clientele information over the phone is not only unreliable, but unprofessional as well.

  • On a sick day, my startup team can’t work from home.

    Your startup is lacking distant relocation of consumer data. A CRM can remedy this complication.

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