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30 signs you need a CRM for your startup

30 signs you need a CRM for your startup

30 signs you need a CRM for your startup

As indicated by the World Economic Forum and Forbes, 90% of the new companies and startups come up short inside the initial 5 years of their origin. Why do you think that is? I’m sure all entrepreneurs have praiseworthy passion about the expansion of their venture. But passion and zeal isn’t enough for a successful startup, is it? In a panoramic view, the reasons range from budgetary constraints, technical limitations, weak marketing strategies and futile management systems.

It doesn’t matter what the scale of your startup is. You may be a small sized venture or an established enterprise. But remember one fact; ‘startup’ is just a term. Every business procedure was initially a startup. And regardless of the magnitude of your venture, you must be facing some sort of hassles and hurdles in your business procedures. An efficient and productive CRM can help you eliminate some of the most elementary bugs in your startup.

I shall present to you 30 signs that indicate your startup is in dire need of a CRM:

  • People don’t know we exist.

    If a startup is able to solidify their name in the mantle of the business community, believe me, they’ve done half the job.

  • Lose