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All you need to know about SugarCRM

All you need to know about SugarCRM

Table of contents:

  • Introduction to CRM

  • SugarCRM software features:

    • Marketing Automation
    • Sales Force Automation
    • Contact and Support Centre automation
    • Geo-locational technology
  • How much will a SugarCRM cost?

    • Sugar Professional Edition
    • Sugar Enterprise Edition
    • Sugar Ultimate Edition
  • How will SugarCRM help my business?

    • Conversion tracking
    • Marketing campaign reports
    • E-mail open rate
    • Customer record information
    • Customer Segmentation
  • What makes SugarCRM different and unique?

  • How to successfully adopt the SugarCRM culture?

    • Help your employees understand the benefits of SugarCRM
    • Optimize SugarCRM culture implementation
    • Keep reinforcing
  • Summary and verdict


Introduction to CRM:

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a reference to all the applications, strategies, exercises and methodologies which businesses utilize for superintending and scrutinizing consumer interactions and information. Indispensible business data has to be monitored throughout the customer life cycle with the intention of refining professional relationships with customers, accommodating retention of consumers and augmenting growth of the organization. Almost all CRM arrangements are designed in such a way that they organize customer data across varying routes such as the firm’s primary websites, telephonic conversations, direct e-mails, marketing reserves and platforms of social interaction. A CRM system will also enable access to detailed statistics on customers’ personal data, buying history, purchase preferences / trends and concerns. A tool, which can be used to dilate and streamline business processes.

An eminent CRM like SugarCRM will enable your firm to anchor on your business’s relationships with individual people – it does not matter whether they are consumers, employees, suppliers or teammates. Initially, finer business repercussions are noticed when SugarCRM is deployed as a sales and marketing tool. But the most stupendous achievements in efficiencies are attained when SugarCRM is embedded within all domains of the business development cycle; from Human Resour