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Audi AG Chooses SugarCRM for Marketing. Why?

Audi AG Chooses SugarCRM for Marketing. Why?

SugarCRM’s Forte

What is already known is that ‘SugarCRM enables businesses to ‘create extraordinary customer relationships with the most empowering, adaptable and affordable customer relationship management (CRM) solution on the market’

What makes SugarCRM stand out from several other CRM platforms in the market is its primary focus on empowering the individual; also identified in the market as its ‘i2i’ philosophy. Management and reporting functions touted by many other CRM solutions come secondary for SugarCRM.

Audi AG Chooses SugarCRM

Audi AG is a German automobile manufacturer that, in addition to designing, engineering and manufacturing, also markets and distributes luxury cars.

Audi AG has more than 1,400 dealerships in Germany which are run by more than 8,000 employees of Audi. Audi had to choose a CRM platform that would fit its exact marketing needs and empower its 8,000 employees to give the best customer service possible. So what did it do? It went with SugarCRM

Audi’s Chairman of the Board of Management, Prof. Rupert Stadler says “Vorsprung durch Technik depends on innovative management”. What could be more innovative than Sugar itself for the future of Audi’s Customer Service and Marketing management?

CRM Challenges for an Automotive Company

CRM poses a number of challenges for an automotive manufacturer.

  • There are multiple customer “touch points” like direct marketing, dealers and trade fairs.
  • Customer contact is often infrequent, and the relationship is primarily with the dealer, not with the manufacturer, making it difficult to ensure a consistent customer experience.
  • It becomes difficult to convince the dealerships to provide the valuable customer data to the manufacturer for valuable insights.
  • Contact between an automotive company and the customer is often a result of negative experiences including repairs and maintenance which demands streamlined CRM operations throughout.

 Gartner Research

Why Audi has chosen SugarCRM for Marketing?          

Audi identifies the following features in Sugar which makes it the best choice CRM for Marketing Services and Programs;

1.Sugar-an Intelligent CRM for Marketing

Audi foresees that SugarCRM is well on its way to become the most intelligent CRM platform in the market place. It is developing a ‘Sugar Intelligence Service’ which will be able to amalgamate the data from the best external sources and internal resources and give a clear view of the customer.

This also includes Predictive Analytics capabilities within Sugar, which will give the salespeople intelligent recommendations for the steps it needs to take during each step of the customer buying journey.

 Learn more on Predictive Analytics & CRM here

2.Marketing Automation and Sugar

Marketing Automation, if coupled with a modern CRM, becomes all powerful. Audi knows what this bring power can bring to their enterprise. Marketing Automation allows the Sales Reps. to provide a consistent customer experience across all channels.

Audi wants to run Marketing Campaigns and cannot afford to provide inconsistency between its Marketing message and Dealership’s interaction with clients. Automated Marketing Campaigns with Sugar allows Sales Reps to comprehend the marketing context holistically.

Let me explain it in the words of Laurence Leong, SugarCRM’s Director, He says using Marketing Automation, Sales and Service Reps will be able to…

“…easily see what the lead did in marketing automation that resulted in the high score. Which emails did they open? Which websites did they visit and what did they look at on those sites? What digital offers did they respond to?  If sales and service can’t see this, they will provide an inconsistent experience to the customer. If, on the other hand, they can reinforce previous digital interactions, then you have created an optimized and consistent customer experience across channels”

 Learn more about Marketing Automation & SugarCRM here

3.Empowering Individual Marketers

SugarCRM is designed in a way which gives most power to the individual interacting with the client, both prospective and existing. This would allow Audi’s Service reps and dealership employees to give each client an individualized customer experience with the company helping it to retain and grow its client base in Germany.

4.Equipping Marketers with the ‘Right Tools’

SugarCRM has the capability to coordinate the actions of Audi’s customer-facing employees and would equip them with the right information at the right time to transform the customer experience, says SugarCRM.

Competition is straining the Salespeople across the business world and in this scenario not having right amount, kind and depth of information can prove a disaster for a company. This is why Audi is going with SugarCRM which understands the individual Salesperson’s precise needs.

5.Sugar’s In-depth Customization Capability

“Sugar is a highly customizable platform that offers an ideal set-up to integrate with other enterprise systems”- says SugarCRM. Audi knows that a one-solution-fits-all approach would not benefit it and hence instead of going for an all encapsulating CRM, it chose Sugar to be incorporated with its existing systems.

 Learn more about Sugar’s Customization Capabilities here

Audi embracing Sugar for its Marketing is a big step forward for both enterprises to gel their future alliances and redefine the meaning of customer experience for millions of Audi lovers worldwide. What do you think about this partnership? Let me know here!

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