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Audi AG Chooses SugarCRM for Marketing. Why?

Audi AG Chooses SugarCRM for Marketing. Why?

SugarCRM’s Forte

What is already known is that ‘SugarCRM enables businesses to ‘create extraordinary customer relationships with the most empowering, adaptable and affordable customer relationship management (CRM) solution on the market’

What makes SugarCRM stand out from several other CRM platforms in the market is its primary focus on empowering the individual; also identified in the market as its ‘i2i’ philosophy. Management and reporting functions touted by many other CRM solutions come secondary for SugarCRM.

Audi AG Chooses SugarCRM

Audi AG is a German automobile manufacturer that, in addition to designing, engineering and manufacturing, also markets and distributes luxury cars.

Audi AG has more than 1,400 dealerships in Germany which are run by more than 8,000 employees of Audi. Audi had to choose a CRM platform that would fit its exact marketing needs and empower its 8,000 employees to give the best customer service possible. So what did it do? It went with SugarCRM

Audi’s Chairman of the Board of Management, Prof. Rupert Stadler says “Vorsprung durch Technik depends on innovative management”. What could be more innovative than Sugar itself for the future of Audi’s Customer Service and Marketing management?

CRM Challenges for an Automotive Company

CRM poses a number of challenges for an automotive manufacturer.

  • There are multiple customer “touch points” like direct marketing, dealers and trade fairs.
  • Customer contact is often infrequent, and the relationship is primarily with the dealer, not with the manufacturer, making it difficult to ensure a consistent customer experience.
  • It becomes difficult to convince the dealerships to provide the valuable customer data to the manufacturer for valuable insights.
  • Contact between an automotive company and the customer is often a result of negative experiences including repairs and maintenance which demands streamlined CRM operations throughout.

 Gartner Research

Why Audi has chosen SugarCRM for Marketing?          

Audi identifies the following features in Sugar which makes it the best choice CRM for Marketing Services and Programs;