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Business Analytics and CRM

Business Analytics and CRM

Labeled as the sexiest job of the decade, Business Analytics seeks to revolutionize the way in which business ventures are streamlined and operated. The motive behind Business Analytics is to analyze, develop and manage technical solutions to business problems that a venture might be facing. Apart from that, Business Analysts seek to augment the sales of a company by scrutinizing certain patterns that the company has pertained in the past.

Incorporation of in-house Business Analysts is becoming a norm in today’s industries. Companies are now following the latest trends of hiring more and more analysts. Sugar has always been ahead of the game. Sugar has assimilated and integrated a lot of tools and plugins that can be used that would enhance the performance of a business analytics within a business. Let’s look at a few of them:

Data Intelligence Tools: D&B for Sugar:

Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) is the world’s leading source of commercial data, analytics and insight on businesses; providing customers with data solutions they can rely on to make critical business decisions. These tools seek to eliminate data errors by integrating business content within Sugar. Firstly, this will enable business analysts to have all the required statistics from a unified singular platform.  Apart from that, the analysts will have unabridged and precise information about customers and business prospects.

With D&B integrated right into your Sugar, your analytics teams will be much more efficient in shortening the sales cycles of your venture along with minimizing the costs of poor data quality.

Predictive Analysis:

Sugar is extremely competent in comparison to other CRMs when it comes to handling large amounts of data. With Sugar, your analysts will gain the ability to predict how customers will respond to certain stimuli (products & services) based on their behavioral history and past preferences.  This will enable your analysts to more successfully judge and answer the most pertaining questions that exists in corporations; how, when and where to allocate resources for future investments and products?

Upgraded Customer Analysis:

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