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Calculate the ROI of your CRM Customization [Free Download]

Calculate the ROI of your CRM Customization [Free Download]

We know that customizing your CRM to fit your exact business requirements is your best bet at boosting user productivity and streamlining your overall workflow processes. A customized CRM is always going to give you e better ROI than the average off the shelf solution.

But is there a way to know if customizing your CRM is a viable option. If you are spending bucks, how much should you save in the longer run? This is the reason I have come up with this post which lets you calculate the ROI of your CRM customization.

How is the CRM Customization ROI calculated?

It is a very simple 4 step calculation for which we take into account the following:

  • Annual salary of the CRM user
  • The time spent on the repetitive/manual task for which we intend to customize our CRM
  • How much is this task repeated everyday

Using these values we see how customizing our CRM can save the user time and calculate the savings for an organization implementing the customization.

You can also download your very own CRM customization calculator at the bottom of this infographic. Excited? Let’s begin

Calculate the ROI of your CRM Customization [Free Download]

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