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We have heard many success stories detailing the positive impact of CRM on sales, marketing and customer relations, but there is a less documented feature of CRM systems that needs to be explored further: how it’s affecting the relations between business owners and employees. Organizations tend to focus so rigidly on customer acquisition and customer experience that their employee experience is bound to be compromised somewhere along the way. It is important to understand that facilitation of employees contributes to the same customer-oriented goals every organization strives to achieve. Recently, we set out to survey many of our 500 client firms and we came to the conclusion that a quality CRM software might as well be called an employee relations management system! Below are some of the findings from our survey:

  • Minimization of Cognitive Workload

In a fast-paced work environment, organizations look to get the most out of their resources in minimum time. This cannot be achieved if employees’ cognitive efforts are being wasted on tasks like entering large volumes of data, removing duplicate entries and so on. Our clients have achieved great success by automating such tasks using Sugar CRM, creating an environment where employees only have to do what they love to do. By leaving Sugar CRM to attend to tasks that would require hours of work each day, employees relieve themselves of any unwanted stress. This Case Study details how our client Owen James automated a number of tasks with our implementation and Customization of Sugar CRM.

  • Ability to Work Off-Site

A lot of businesses require their sales reps to be out in the field or work after the office hours every now and then. Our clients are no different. In fact, most of our clients contact us for mobile CRM solutions specifically for this purpose. It makes employees’ jobs simpler while they are visiting different destinations back to back. Instead of enforcing late sittings on employees, organizations now prefer assigning tasks for home and what could be a better solution for this than Mobile CRM?

  • Ease of Collaboration between Employees

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