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SugarCRM Pricing 2016

SugarCRM Pricing 2016

Every promising enterprise needs an innovative addition into their professional sphere. In business, having the ability to successfully integrate a worthwhile investment is what separates the regular from the phenomenal. Yes, it is true that a SugarCRM investment will perk up your business venture, but every investment comes at a price. Presenting, some of the basic SugarCRM pricing options, which will help you decide the type of SugarCRM your business venture needs, whilst keeping in mind the defining features of your organization. Sugar is designed to have adaptability to various clienteles. The choice of your SugarCRM will depend on factors like; the type, size and requirements of your business, not forgetting the price that you should be willing to put into this investment.

The review below will discuss various editions of SugarCRM, what every edition has to offer and whether or not it suits your business requirements. You will also find a complementary info-graphic at the bottom of the post in which the post’s key takeaways are summarized for you

So let’s begin;

How much does SugarCRM Cost: Pricing Chart 2016

SugarCRM Edition                Pricing Per User/Per Month               Minimum Users                Minimum Annual Cost

Sugar Professional              $40                                                          10                                        $4,800

Sugar Enterprise                  $65                                                          10