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Top 4 Ways your CRM can use Predictive Intelligence

Top 4 Ways your CRM can use Predictive Intelligence

Did you know that 86% of marketing executives have already indicated they have seen a positive return on investment in marketing technology and predictive analytics


Let’s face it! Technology is here and in many aspects leading the way to the future of Marketing and Sales.

In our previous blog post we saw how to make the most of marketing automation with CRM. We saw that Marketing Automation coupled with CRM has a league of its own when it comes to predicting consumer preferences and behavior.

In this blog post we’ll dig a little deeper to realize how CRM and Predictive Intelligence work together to give clients the best possible experience. We have outlined four compelling reasons for you to use CRM and evolve with the latest trends in Predictive Intelligence. Let’s begin

1. Predictive Lead Scoring

According to Forbes, Predictive lead scoring is now a ‘must have’ for B2B technology marketing leaders with high volumes of leads from inbound channels and events. Gone are the days of manual lead scoring. Predictive lead scoring is here and has plans to stay. Another recent study suggested that 90% of the users agreed that Predictive Lead Scoring proves more valuable than traditional approaches.

Using predictive intelligence with a CRM can guide you better on which customers to follow and target based on their purchasing history and past behaviors. Therefore, it is time your Sales Reps realized times have changed.

Lets consider a hypothetical situation with our prospective client Sally

The previous frame of mind of your Salespeople went something like this: I have communicated to Sally all what we can offer and now hoping that Sally would choose us. With the latest predictive technology the word ‘hoping’ is replaced by ‘knowing’.

Now using CRM could with Data intelligence tools (like D & B with Sugar) you can easily tell whether Sally is here to stay.

2. Personalized Product Targeting

Wondering what more you can do for lead conversion. Now predictive analytics embedded in the latest CRMs can guide you all the way to close the deal. Predictive Intelligence and CRM can generate an idea for the Right product.

This right product can range from a novel idea to a minor customization in your existing product to make it a sure sell.

At this stage Sally has become interested in your product or has at least made it into her consideration list. She might also be looking at your competitors products. What will make the difference here? If only you could show Sally that not only your product is the best in the business but also one which would cater to her present as well as future needs.

Wondering how it’s possible? One word: Predictive Intelligence

3. Personalizing the Complete Consumer Journey

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