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Twitter’s 140 Character Update [INFOGRAPHIC]: Here’s what Marketers need to know

Twitter’s 140 Character Update [INFOGRAPHIC]: Here’s what Marketers need to know

Twitter’s 140 Character Update: The New Longer Tweets are here

Yes! Twitter’s latest update has just started rolling out. Twitter first announced in May that there were major changes to be seen in the future. This included the most awaited ‘ 140 Character Update’ which 300m + users had been waiting for and finally arrived on Monday 19th Sep,2016. In its dev blog, twitter called it “express even more in 140 characters”. The major purpose behind this update is to let users do much more than what they could do with the 140 characters of a tweet.

What Marketers Need to Know about Twitter’s 140 Character Update?

All the marketers out there were over-joyous when twitter announced the character update and it now it’s finally time to do all the more with the 140 characters. Very briefly, now the @names when replying, all the media including images, GIFs, videos and polls and quoted tweets will no longer eat up the invaluable 140 characters.

Sounds exciting right?

What will you find in this Infographic Post about Twitter’s Character Update

We have created the infographic below which illustrates the following

  • What twitter has changed?
  • The anatomy of the tweets before and after the character update

& most importantly for all you Marketers

  • How this update impacts the Marketing on Twitter (5 key tips/lessons for Twitter Marketers)

Here it goes…