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Why use Mobile CRM for Sales?

Why use Mobile CRM for Sales?

When 56% of the traffic to the leading websites is from mobile devices, it only makes sense to have a mobile first strategy for your business. Not only, are customers using mobile to access information around the web, mobile e-commerce is also sky rocketing. In 2015 only, the mobile e-commerce totaled $104.05 billion which represented a growth of 38.7% over the previous year. This makes it easy to speculate that the businesses which are lacking in their mobile strategy will gradually give space to ones that are using mobile as strategic advantage for their Customer Relationship Management.

Today’s businesses have recognized the need to provide updated information to the Sales people in real time as more and more users expect a mobile first experience. The one way in which you can build a mobile first strategy for your business is using a CRM platform. Using a CRM for Sales, Marketing and Customer service is the norm and smart businesses are bringing the whole experience to mobile. In this post we will focus on how Mobile CRM assists Sales people in their day to day tasks and helps them spend more time with the customers selling to them rather than spending precious time on administrative tasks.

Top 5 ways Mobile CRM helps Salespeople   

1) Salespeople are updated in real time

Gone are the days when Salespeople would commute to the jobs and log into their desktop systems to get the information. That too, at times, required manual tasks for getting updated information. Today, using Mobile CRM app, they can easily access all the information regarding leads, opportunities and potential deals on their mobiles and tablets. Not only this, they also have the opportunity to update information to their CRM platform in just as the activity occurs, making it easier for other teams to help analyze the data in real time.

2) Meetings on the Go

Intelligent CRMs today give users the capability to initiate or attend the meetings using their Mobile devices. They can simply use the click to call feature on Mobile CRM to call an existing or potential client. Similarly, no matter how distributed and remote the Salespeople of your company are, they can easily be brought face to face on a single platform to collaborate with their team using Mobile CRM.

3) Increased Collaboration and Information Sharing

Integrated Marketing communication is the key to giving today’s clients a valuable unified experience with your company. A single customer may be interacting with your Sales, Marketing and Support departments during the Sales life cycle. This requires an integral information sharing platform which can be utilized by every team at your workplace when needed.

For instance your Marketing has handled a lead online and nurtured it for long, now your assigned Sales rep for the area has to meet the prospective client face to face. He requires the entire customer facing information on his CRM instantly before the meeting. A mobile CRM allows the marketing team to share this information quickly to the Sales rep who is on the go helping him close the deal quicker. Similarly, once he closes the deal he can update the CRM in real time for others to know.

4) Activity Planning Dashboard on Mobile CRM

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