Digital Asset Management for Digital Agencies - A Treasured Asset

Digital Asset Management for Digital Agencies - A Treasured Asset

Digital agencies are in a sea-change time where they have to consistently fervor creative spark between them and their clients. From executing time-sensitive campaigns, adapting to technology faster, staying resourceful and agile to meeting clients’ rising expectations, they have to set the clock ahead of the time. 

Amongst all, one key challenge is digital asset management. The systematic creation and administration of rich media assets and collaterals such as images, text, videos, multimedia content, web content and more have more significance than ever before. And, with the blend of right digital asset, processes and technology, they can deliver breakthrough results promptly for their clients and end-customers.

  • Asset Management: Organizing and managing clients’ diverse digital and rich media assets easily and securely
  • Asset Automation: Automatically streamlining asset search, repurpose and utilization for faster campaign execution
  • Better Collaboration: Coordination, and transparency while dealing with thousands of digital assets, and multiple creators and collaborators
  • Brand Consistency: Handling compliance, copyright issues, and versioning of individual digital assets
  • Personalized Experience: Improving workflow and getting deeper insights to craft personalized and engaging customer experience across multiple channels
  • Profitability: Saving time, improving operational efficiency, and reducing cost with shrinking profit margin

A DAM system is beneficial because it prevents creatives from straying away from basic common sense when confronted with too much digital assets and data. It also plays a crucial role in increasing digital asset value, improving operational efficiency & transparency, and boosting overall performance and ROI.

According to Gartner, managing marketing assets and scaling content operations are top priorities for marketing leaders.

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Jerry Fletcher Mar 10, 2019 · #1

Rahul, Love the graphic approach to an explanation. Damn good!