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Attractive Opportunities in the Mobile Substation Market

The mobile substation market is expected to grow from an estimated USD 789.3 Million in 2018 to USD 1,136.9 Million by 2023, at a CAGR of 7.57% between 2018 and 2023. Factors driving the growth of this market include the ease of transportation, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and easy installation of mobile substations. Moreover, mobile substation is a trailer mounted power solution and can be installed in a limited space and can be easily relocated without difficulty. The mobile substation is a comprehensive solution that is designed, engineered, assembled on trailer, tested, in a factory and delivered on site for power distribution.

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Mobile substations are useful for emergency response as back-up units and can also be useful in cases where energy distribution requires to be provided or reinstated in a short span of time. Mobile substation market is fragmented, with the presence of many small and mid-size companies which supply products for utilities applications and primarily serve local markets. Transportability, short startup and commissioning time, reduced mechanical footprint, and non-requirement of construction work are some of the key benefits expected to drive the growth of mobile substations during the forecast period.

Mobile substations are utilized both, in utilities and industrial applications.  Planned maintenance, disaster response, rapid expansion of transmission capacity are some uses wherein the mobile substation has delivered proven outcome for utilities. The mobile substation is proven to be an apt solution to provide temporary power supply during unplanned repairs. Moreover, during planned maintenance, mobile substations can reduce or even eliminate the need for extended electricity outages. Thus the utilities application is expected to grow during the forecast period.

Middle East & Africa not only account for the largest market share followed by the Americas, but is also expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. Middle East & Africa regions are rich in natural resources, such as oil & gas and metals & mining. Africa is an untapped market for the energy resources. However, countries from these regions, such as Iraq, Algeria, Nigeria have faced many political and social instabilities which have destroyed infrastructure. As a result, these countries have a high demand for energy & power. Due to improvements in situations, governments from these regions are trying to reinstall basic amenities. The Ministry of Electricity of Iraq has ordered mobile substations from various manufacturers, such as Siemens  (Germany), Meidensha (Japan), CG Power (India), and Aktif (Turkey).

Attractive Opportunities in the Mobile Substation Market

Key players in this market are Siemens (Germany), ABB (Switzerland), Eaton (Ireland), General Electric (US), CG Power (India), and MEIDENSHA (Japan). Other companies covered in this report are WEG (Brazil), AZZ (US), TGOOD (Hong Kong), Powell Industries (US), Elgin Power Solutions (US), Matelec Group (Lebanon), Aktif Group (Turkey), PME Power Solutions (India), EKOS Group