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A Friendly Singapore Tour Guide For An Awesome Vacation!

Among the travel lovers these days, Singapore has turned into one of the most loved and preferred vacation spots. Though it may be considered as one of the smallest countries throughout the world, but it surely knows how to keep its guests entertained, engaged and happily involved. Housing some pretty exciting places, scenic sightseeing destinations and a lot of amazing activities to try, Singapore is definitely a full powerhouse for a fun ride. On the surface it may just appear as a shimmering collection of corporate buildings and high-rise apartments, but once you actually see it, you will realise how wonderful Singapore actually is.

A Friendly Singapore Tour Guide For An Awesome Vacation!

If you are planning a vacation to Singapore, then obviously you would be very excited and curious to explore the place. However, now you don’t have to surf through a number of websites, blogs or trip guide to Singapore for knowing more about the place, because we have made a list of some useful tips which can actually help you survive easily in Singapore. So, wait no more and continue reading!

1. English is prevalent in Singapore

One of the major problems which people experience in travelling to foreign lands is the chaos of communication gap. Though Singapore is known to be a house to varying cultural makeup but this does not mean that you have to worry about how to convey your thought to the person or give an order at a restaurant. This is because, English is considered as an important language in the country and is taught in almost every school as a primary language along with the student’s mother tongues which may include Mandarin, Tamil or Malay. So, when in Singapore, if you have a good command over English then you are good to go!

2. When in Singapore Flip Flops are the best

Even if you are a fashionista who does not think beyond high heels, it is strongly recommended that you choose flip flops for your footwear choice. We know that flip flops are not much trendy but knowing the tropical and unpredictable climate of Singapore, they are the best and most comfortable footwear that you can have. Even if there is a blistering hot day and it starts to rain suddenly, don’t be surprised because when in Singapore passing showers are something very common. So, other than wearing the comfortable flip flops, it is also advised that you carry an umbrella with you always when going out.

3. Singapore is generously blessed with Wi-Fi spots

Does a mere thought of exploring a place without an internet connection makes you shudder? If yes, then as long as your vacation destination is Singapore you have nothing to worry about. Knowing that there are Wi-Fi spots available almost everywhere throughout the place is one of the most useful things to know before travelling to go to Singapore with family, especially if you are a internet maniac. While there is a free Wi-Fi connection in the major cafes and reputed restaurants, public places like shopping malls, libraries and so on are powered by ‘Wireless@SG’ which is a free connection for anyone, even the tourists.

4. A well connected train network in Singapore

Since, Singapore is comparatively a smaller city, it is not only quite easy to travel from one point to the other but also less time consuming. Moreover, thanks to the Singapore’s train network, all the major landmarks are well connected. With the train network of Singapore, you can really get virtually anywhere. It allows you travel from suburban parts of Singapore to the actual main city in just under 30 minutes. So, the main suggestion for you is that instead of spending your money on private vehicles, it is better that you research well on how too navigate transport in Singapore beforehand and save time as well as money.

5. Keep to the left on an escalator

There are many people who do not like following rules but when the place we are talking about is Singapore, then there is an unspoken rule to which everyone abides. According to this rule people stand on the left side of the escalator to form a single line, thereby keeping the right side of the escalator empty, allowing the people who may be rushing to quickly climb their way up without any interruption and also without creating much chaos. It may be your first time to see this but this orderly behaviour is an important part of the old campaign promoting courtesy in Singapore. So, make sure that you as a tourist also abide by it.  

6. Smoke only in designated areas

If you are a smoker, then it is very important for you to know that though smoking isn’t considered as illegal in Singapore, but there are quite strict regulations in the place. For instance, you are not allowed to smoke at public bus stops, under sheltered walkways or even indoors. In most of the areas, there are designated smoking points, but if you are new to the area then it may require a bit of hunting. However, it is strongly suggested that you don’t consider this rule lightly and if you are unable to find the designated smoking points, then better ask some native because if you are caught smoking at an undesignated area then you can even be fined as much as $1,000.

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