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Top 10 attractions in Kuwait

Kuwait is an epitome of Arabian culture. Tourists find plenty of attractions that are compelling them to book Kuwait Dubai tour packages. This Arab country on the Persian Gulf is such a cultural heritage that you must visit, at least once in a life. If you think to book the trip for your honeymoon and wonder about the romance there, the place has numerous romantic things to do in Kuwait.

The place has its roots in heritage but modern architecture is just like a cherry on the cake. Here is an opportunity for you to plan the exciting things to do in Kuwait this weekend by booking the tremendous package. Let’s know the top attractions of Kuwait that one can enjoy –

1.      Grand Mosque

Whenever one visits Kuwait, Grand Mosque is like a must-visit place. This is the treasure of the world as it is the biggest and official Mosque of Kuwait. It covers the large area of 46,000 square meters with the astounding Islamic architecture and Persian structural design.

Top 10 attractions in Kuwait

In the month of Ramadan, Grand Mosque witnesses the throng of Muslims who gather here for their rituals. Additionally, the place is also authorized for having religious celebrations and ceremonies.

2.      Mirror House

Though the Arabic culture uses mirror works to decorate the places and houses, Mirror House is the only one which is entirely made with a mirror. There are different shapes and sizes of mirrors, which are used to create pleasant surround. If you are visiting Kuwait, you must visit here as one of the key attractions of the place.

The splendid beauty is worth to watch that features many international and local programs at different times. Wearing high heels while wandering in the mirror house is prohibited as the floor does not allow.    

3.      360 Mall

Any trip is incomplete without shopping and obviously, you can prefer it as one of the romantic things to do in Kuwait. You can enjoy the luxurious shopping for each other along with your love of life. This is the third biggest mall in Kuwait, which offers you a pinch of Middle Eastern culture.

One unique thing about the 360 Mall is the solar garden. The garden has more than twenty thousands of plants that improve air enormously. With this biofilter, the place not only serves shopping options but also provides the best dining experience.

4.      Magic Planet Kuwait

If you are visiting Kuwait along with your family, Magic Planet is the best place that you must visit for entertainment. The place is like a recreation of amusement, that lets the tourist explore. The cosmic digital world of Magical Planet is enough to make you speechless.

The place has water land, which offers the kids with great joy. The Magic Planet has joys for almost every age group and this makes it rank higher in family fun and tourism.

5.      Kuwait Zoo

As we are talking about the family fun and adventure, Kuwait Zoo is the next in the list. There are tremendous and endangered varieties of animals that you must see. The place includes some dangerous animals too along with the endearing birds.

The purpose of Kuwait Zoo is to educate the kids about the species of animals and how they should be treated accordingly. You can watch the categories closely and witness the natural magic of crafting them.

6.      Aqua Park

Aqua Park is another attraction to indulge your kids and family. This is located in the Arab Gulf Street and rewarded as the first water park that has covered the largest region. It covers the large area of around 60,000 square meters and it is adjacent to Kuwait Towers. You must visit here to have fun with the family.

There are water games along with some separate areas and funs for adults and kids. There are separate mosques for men and women. These things are making Aqua Park as a great place to visit and explore. Don’t forget to have lunch in the restaurant here.

7.      Kuwait towers

Kuwait has an incredible group of three astounding towers that is attracting people with its tremendous beauty. These towers are standing on the Persian Gulf and exploring the charm to the wide area. Here, the main tower and second towers are 187 and 147 meters high, respectively.

The third one is equipped in the way to illuminate the rest two. The architecture of the Kuwait Towers talks about technology and humanity. The towers are the key attraction of all-inclusive Kuwait Dubai honeymoon packages.

8.      Tareq Rajab Museum

Tareq Rajab Museum has a collection of Islamic Arts from the past fifty years. There are numerous items that resemble those times. These items are collected and gathered from various Islamic states. Every artefact will inspire you with something.

The entire Museum is classified into two areas, A and B. One area includes ceramic, wood, glass, jade and all whereas the other includes the costumes, textiles and all with the variation of several past years.

9.      Seif Palace

Though the Seif Palace was originally designated for Emir Royals, they never lived here. The palace served as a court. This was built by the Sheikh Mubarak and a key attraction of Kuwait. The palace has a landing field for helicopters along with an artificial lake.

The tourists can admire the building from the outside and explore the surrounded garden as well. The entry beyond the entrance gate is, somehow, prohibited to the civilians.

10.  American Cultural Centre

The palace collects arts and crafts from the different regions like Middle East, Asia, and the Far East. Everything is displayed in a comprehensive manner.

If you stay in Kuwait, you must visit here according to some specifications of days and times as on Fridays, it remains closed in the morning.

Final words

Kuwait Dubai tour packages are meant to witness Islamic architecture and culture. Keep your list ready for the International trip packages, and keep and do back-in the attractions of Kuwait. Make sure, you don’t miss any!