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Top 10 Beaches in Langkawi Muse See it

The South Eastern hemisphere of Asia boasts a large number of Coastal countries offering great beaches for an amazing holiday period. The beaches decorated with pure crystal clear water, amazing relaxation time, fun-filled activities, sun tanning, the serene sunset views and much more on offer in this region.The amazing Malaysian Island ArchipelagoofLangkawi along the Andaman Sea is a must visit place for satisfying the beach junkie inside you. Travel to the best-hidden beach Langkawi on this list for an adventure set to keep you satisfied through your lifetime.

Top 10 Beaches in Langkawi Muse See it

1. Pantai Tengah Beach

Adventure is an integral part of life and ocean offers all kinds of adrenalin pumping sports to bust the stress and provide some great fun time. The perfect place for indulging in banana boat rides, paragliding, jets ski rides, water skiing, wakeboarding and other water sports is Pantai Tengah beach. The swimming is not allowed on the shores of this location which is why the other best thing to do on this beach is enjoying the soft winds while tanning your skin for vitamin in peace. The peace here is surreal and recliners here offering some quality laying.

2. Pantai Cenang Beach

The Pantai Cenang beach is a large strip of high-quality sand carpet laid out by nature on the ocean shores for the visitors to enjoy. The fine shiny golden sands and inviting bubbling ocean waters hitting the shores in Pantai Cenang Beach is a site one visiting Malaysia should not miss. The glossy beach offers awesome food destinations, water sports, theme park, and gorgeously vibrant human seashore town which wants to make people return.

3. TanjungRhu Public Beach

The TanjungRhu Public Beach is another isolate gem of Langkawi which lands among the 5 best beaches in Langkawi. While the drive to this place is not for those who like to enjoy the food in easily accessible restaurants right across the streets, the sunset this place has to offer makes it worth it. The purple hue obliterated by the sun bidding of goodbye is better than even sun tanning sessions or swim along the ocean shores.

4. Bureau Bay

The Burau Bay is an awesome place an avid beach traveler must visit in the island archipelago of Langkawi. The beach is an extensively long coastal strip full of shiny golden sand calling upon visitors for some sunbathing session like never before. Enjoy this awesome beach coast on the resorts of Berjaya Langkawi Resort or Mutiara Bureau Bay for the amazing private session under the sun by coast of Andaman Sea. The resorts offer some amazing huts to enjoy the view of ocean shielded under the roof from extremely hot days too. However, the people visiting need to be wary of jellyfish stings while hitting the water.

5.PasirTengkorak Beach

Once upon a time in history, people from both Thailand and Malaysia feared this borderline beach resting in the Andaman Sea between these countries. The sharks and crocodiles which roam up close it waters and pirates who hunted merchant’s ships were home to this place and it was called place filled with skull sands. The Pirates have long been gone but the marine animals still make the visit. However, the current Langkawi beach is famous for its great looking wooden picnic spot dedicated to visiting families offering a view of marine life. Furthermore, the short coastal strip of sand which pave the way to an awesome cove is also a must visit location on this island destination.

6. Pantai Kok

This is also a lesser-known beach amongst the huge number of beaches on offer for visit at the Langkawi. The Pantai Kok beach is longshore of glimmering sandy beach offering an awesome view of the sea and providing a great swimming spot for those who do not mind splashing in the seas any time of the day. Right across the awesome natural beach of Pantai Kok is a manmade beach which is a site in itself. Experience the man marvel across while you sit on the shades of awesome coastline trees decorating this beach.

7. Telugu

The Telukyu beach decorating the coast of Langkawi archipelago is a place one must include in their itinerary while visiting the beaches of Malaysia. While this tourist beach is a lot smaller than other tourist beaches on the list, the awesome amenities helps people sleep on sands and swim in its safe shores without any concern because public wash, restaurants, and café offering services are plentiful here in this region. Choose to stay with your family and get lost in awe of shark stones on the promenade or engage in castle building activities along the coast.

8. Pebble Beach

Visit one of a kind beaches only in the islands of Langkawi and hit the Pebble beach. The distant beach resting on the northern shore of the island is a must-visit destination. The beach is famed amongst local and unwary visitors hiking in Malaysia for its pebbles and rock. The beach is completely made of pebble and you won’t find activities you would find on the sand beach but the view here is gorgeous and a trail leading to it is one of a kind.

9. BlackSand Beach

The bustling fishing town is not the only thing glorious about the current beach on this list. The Black sand beach is a unique beach which introduces completely black sand and rock faces. The black sand beach is open for visiting but swimming and other activities on this beach is not possible. The best thing to do on this beach is to enjoy the view and shop for souvenirs.

10. Tengkorak Beach

The true picnic environment, benches, shower rooms, and washrooms are all available in this beautiful secluded beach of Langkawi. Hit the water, tan yourself on the beach or enjoy the shade of the forested tree on this mesmerizing beach. The glass-like clear water and beautifully laid sands will make anybody want to take a trip here.

The Singapore Malaysia tour packages come packed with these awesome beaches and unreal beaches which are waiting for your visit. Thus, make a trip on your next holiday.

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More to add to my list.!!

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Are paradise all of those beach´s a fantasy trip to book great !!!

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I love seeing unique places of nature. The black sand beaches are ones I would like to visit. I have seen pictures of these in Alaska, Iceland, and Hawaii. They are all beautiful. I still enjoy walking through the white sand beaches. They are so comfortable on one's feet.