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Top 5 Best Tree Houses in Places in Thailand

Ask any travel lover, and they will tell you how Thailand is nothing less than a dream come true. You may ask what makes Thailand so special, then to answer your question, Thailand is a proud home to several splendid beaches, scenic views, rugged lush green jungles, mesmerizing waterfalls, and towering mountains.

As if all this beauty was not enough, Thailand also houses a number of national parks and gorgeous wildlife-rich forests throughout the place. Thus, you can also call Thailand a paradise for nature lovers as well.

Moreover, if you are in for some great hiking or outdoor adventures, bird watching, spotting wildlife or simply drinking natural beauty, then Thailand is the place for you.

As an added bait, if you like being a part of nature and want to immerse in some great outdoor activities, then you also get the exceptional experience of staying in cool treehouses of Thailand too. For knowing the top 5 treehouses in Thailand, then continue reading!

1. Bangkok Tree House

Located just outside the city center, Bangkok treehouse is perched on an artificial river island in the province of Samut Prakan. If you are wondering how to get to Bangkok treehouse, then the resort is at a distance of just 1 km from Bang Krachao and 1 km from Bang Namphueng Floating market. Covered by verdant foliage, the resort is provided by plenty of shade by the large trees, splashes of color and the sweet odor by the gorgeous flowers and the colorful leaves.

The resort offers box-like rooms that are airy and light as well as a unique sleeping area with a beautiful open-air platform that allows you to have mesmerizing views of the river, surroundings, and the nearby vertical gardens.

Top 5 Best Tree Houses in Places in Thailand

There is a mosquito net covering your double mattress as well as curtains which you can draw for more privacy and still drift off to a peaceful slumber while stargazing with your partner. Bicycles are also available at the place; in case you want to explore the surrounding areas. Bangkok Tree House is one of the best treehouses offering high-end comfort to its guests.

2. Keemala

Keemala is a luxury hideaway in Phuket, an area that is known more for its serene beaches. If you are looking for some great comfort and peace, then Keemala is an amazing choice for you because the resort has the reputation of offering its guests the best of everything. Moreover, it is secluded in the slice of heavenly nature and is just a short drive from the sandy shores.

The resort houses rooms with exceptional and imaginative concepts such as bird nests, tree houses, etc. In this high - class resort, apart from top-class services and high - end comfort, each room comes with elegant furnishings, TV and a private pool as well.

Some other amazing facilities you are entitled to in Keemala resort include a refreshing spa, a fully loaded bar and a restaurant serving mouth-watering cuisines. Equipped with peace, luxury and multiple services, this spacious resort is the perfect and most unique place to rest, relax and enjoy the natural surroundings.

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3. Soneva Kiri

Located on Koh Kood which is a delightful island in the Trat province and is close to the Cambodian border, Soneva Kiri is in every means a true island gem.

This luxury resort provides you multiple accommodation options ranging from right on the soft white sands, on the slopes of the lush green forests and for those who want to get high and touch the sky, they have accommodation built on high stilts.

Though the room on high stilts may not be a traditional treehouse, the resort tries its best to provide you a similar kind of experience and similarly mesmerizing views which you could see from a house built in the branches. Other than the attached private bathrooms, complimentary toiletries, bathtub, and shower, each room comes with a TV, iPod docking station and a DVD Player as well.

Those who wish to let off some steam or burn some calories, the resort has a play area, swimming pool, fitness center, and tennis courts too. Adding to the list of advantages, the resort also has an open-air cinema and is constructed in completely natural surroundings between trees as well as away from city life.

4. Six Senses

Six Senses is a large resort covering approximately an area of over 20 acres. Located in Phan Nga Bay, on the beautiful Thai island of Yao Noi, houses here are built on high stilts but still, it will give the guests the impression that they are staying in a treehouse wonderland. Making the villas blend with the surroundings, they are built using natural materials.

In addition to spacious bedroom and bathroom, the guests here can also enjoy a separate living area, a private infinity-edge pool which offers magical views, a terrace with sunbeds allowing you to soak the natural beauty and also a small pavilion which proves perfect for private massages. Other features of this amazing resort also include a gym, a private beach, a top-class spa, bars, and restaurants.

5. Khao Sok Tree House Resort

Boasting of the world’s oldest evergreen forests, a huge shimmering lake with beautiful karst formation, majestic mountains and a variety of gorgeous flora and fauna, Khao Sok is absolutely perfect for all the nature lovers.

The resort has beautiful wooden tree houses and is based on nature themes. They have huge rooms which can house up to even 10 people and small houses which are perfect for a romantic stay as well. There is also a swimming pool, a lounge with a TV and pool table and an amazing restaurant in the resort as well.

The beauty and uniqueness of these amazing treehouses would surely have prompted you to book one of the Romantic Bangkok honeymoon tour packages soon!