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Experience = People Management

In my 5 years of work experience, I have worked in various organisations. It was a privilege to associate with many wonderful people from various backgrounds. I am extremely grateful to few of them for making me learn the A B C'S of the industry. There have been many instances, throughout the five years when I was endowed with the responsibility of managing tasks while working with a group. I have realized one thing that ‘ experience' not only counts your skill set, in fact, it also tests your ability to manage people.

                                                                             Experience = People Management  

                                                                    MY PEOPLE MANAGEMENT LESSONS

Lesson 1: Stop Forcing!

I have to work with a lot of designers in my field of work. There is requirement of image every now and then. Unfortunately, due to some other prior jobs they often cannot deliver my image at the right time. Now, the thing is, the more you force them, the more reluctant they become. You cannot force anybody to do a task or else it takes an ugly turn.

Lesson 2: Go with the flow

There are 5 projects which you are handling at the same time. Which one to do first? Confused? Stop worrying! Ask your colleagues or boss which one is more important and go with the flow. Don’t apply your own brain.

Lesson 3: Work in advance

It's not a sin to complete the work in advance, even if you have completed all the work in advance. Even if you have half an hour left before leaving the office, try to complete at least 10 percent of the work. Now when you arrive the next day, you will feel a little less loaded with work. Instead you can focus more and co-ordinate with other colleagues.

Lesson 4: Agree with the ‘Alpha Male'

The ‘ I know everything' and ‘Do as I say' are replete in every organization. Most of the time, they try to impose things rather than knowing the consequences. Now, how will you deal with them? Relax, just follow their instructions and refrain from an argument. However, place your opinion first. Let the results decide that. You can raise a question when there is a negative result and subsequently put down your opinion, which he or she probably didn't agree with.