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A Book About Staying Safe From Intruders & Protecting yourself from Suffe(ring)

 A Book About Staying Safe From Intruders & Protecting yourself from Suffe(ring)About The Book: #When it comes to strategically managing successfully the unexpected turn of events in the personal life, like that of marriage life for instance,many a times, young professionals get stressed and some even get into depression resulting in panic attacks.

This is unfortunate that they fail to make use of their very wisdom that would have immensely helped them tackle the issues of the working life quite well including managing several teams from diverse background and all interpersonal conflicts successfully.But they get defeated fast when they are sadly forced to handle the difficult behavior of others when it comes to own life like that of marriage life.

Subsequently what happens unfortunately at times is the burnout of these successful young talents on the work front itself as they are not able to strategically isolate the issues in personal life originating due to manipulators, intruders, wrong advisers etc. Not knowing how to safe guard their life and isolate issues created by them despite being knowledgeable takes a heavy toll on both sides of the life, that is professional life as well as personal#)

Keeping this mind ,I am working on A book that would concentrate on the issue(s) of "relationship" and successfully managing the irritants by strategically making use of the wisdom god has given us.I hope this would be helpful for many.

After all isn't it true that for a good professional growth keeping yourself (also) happy at home is equally important?

Request to all: I would like this proposed book to be extremely useful for the young and willing to take the pain to make the book as useful as possible by doing research, interviewing as many and interacting with those who had really challenging situations but stayed together despite all the odds.Glad that some of my LinkedIn friends here already volunteered to give input from own experiences.Let it take time but I would like this book to be very useful. So if you also would like to share your views/opinions/anecdote/whatever like your ideas for the name of the book etc., please feel free to drop an email to, or reading..#)

....Protect Yourself From Unwanted Suffe(ring )& Getting Panic Attack at Work:

He was a childhood friend with whom I wasn't in touch with for long unfortunately due to various relocations in my life.Thanks to social media, his name appeared through yet another contact of mine.Also it appeared through yet another update elsewhere that it was his marriage anniversary and 18th, to be very precise.

Wanting to wish the good old friend with whom I haven't had a chat for long I got his contact number and dialed him. Started talking.While it was astonishing that he could recognize my voice instantly even after such a long gap,I also realized that he was not as cheerful as he used to be,And it took me only a few seconds to realize that. An innocent "How are things with you?" from my side resulted in him pouring out his heart.

As I know him, he was extremely good academically and also enjoyed his working life immensely.He has been a great achiever all throughout his academic period and carried the same tradition since he started working as well.So the issue was elsewhere...*He had an arranged marriage and very Strange turn of events started! ..You may like to continue reading another story  by clicking here or check for the links below for more such stories...

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Prakashan B.V 22/11/2016 · #15

Thanks Everyone..

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Prakashan B.V 22/11/2016 · #14

@Sarah Elkins: Thanks for adding your experience .Appreciate that.

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Sarah Elkins 21/11/2016 · #13

This is a great lesson, @Prakashan B.V, thank you for sharing this story; I especially love the quote at the end by Debra Fileta. Early in our marriage, with a six month old baby, my husband and I moved more than 1,000 miles away from our nearest family members. It has been difficult sometimes, because I miss them and we cannot get together as often as I would like, but on the whole, I think our family has benefited from the move. We avoid minor family obligations because we live so far away, and the time we spend when we are together is appreciated immensely. Our family has created an incredible community in our little town, full of support and love, and lacking obligation. I hope your friend listens to your wise words of encouragement!

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 21/11/2016 · #11

Excellent advice @Prakashan B.V...a marriage has its own path. Some will cheer it on and others will cause careful to protect your marriage from intruders.

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Prakashan B.V 21/11/2016 · #10

@Lisa Gallagher...Agree with your observations.."It is true that those who choose to be critical of others and their work are often suffering from issues of their own. Sometimes they are deflecting their own disappointment and pain by finding fault with others"

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Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 21/11/2016 · #9

Very moving story @Prakashan B.V. What a great quote you shared with him. We had to cut ties with a few of my husband's family members. They were not happy in their own lives and they tried their best to interfere in ours for years. It's very hard to cut ties but it's also healthy and liberating if those ties are affecting your psyche and/or marriage. I hope that was helpful to your friend!

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Sushmita Thakare Jain 21/11/2016 · #8

A touching story @Prakashan B.V, a message which I would love to share ahead!

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