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As you Climb the Ladder, Don't Forget Them

As you Climb the Ladder, Don't Forget Them 

As you Climb the Ladder, Don't Forget Them#Note..You may like to read my more recent article..Intruder? Please be very afraid..God is watching you by clicking here)

.........This happened two weeks back.... Parked on the side of the road, I was waiting for my wife to come back from a store.

It was taking more time than expected for her to come back.On the side of the road, there was a clinic and saw this middle-aged man very enthusiastically stopping his vehicle. I saw him open the door for his mother and carefully pull out a wheelchair for her.

He made sure that she sat in the wheelchair comfortably and slowly started pushing the wheelchair through the footpath towards the clinic. As you Climb the Ladder, Don't Forget Them
There was an obstruction on the footpath and seeing him struggle with the wheelchair, I stepped out of the vehicle and gave him a helping hand. The gentleman turned out to be very polite and thanked me profusely even for such a small help.

As you Climb the Ladder, Don't Forget ThemOn talking to him further, came to know that this gentleman from Coorg who was earlier with one of the leading MNCs in the world in a very senior leadership role and enjoyed his job and his stay abroad. He was based out of Europe then. But recently he decided to relocate to Bangalore to be with his ailing moth