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Beyond The Call Of Duty And More!

(Please also read the note at the end as well for the background of this article!)

Beyond The Call Of Duty And More!

# My sister* is a talented personality who is adept in running home with great care. But beyond that she is much more passionate about her job than anyone else. In those days we lived in the village and the nearest bus point for her to get to the office was a good 1 km away. With the household works to be completed in the early morning and dragging "two kids!" to school she was a perfect example for good.."Time Management".

In fact in those days in our village, people used to correct their watch observing her walking towards the bus point. Come rain or shine she maintained that.

"Loyalty " the organization she belongs to has been her greatest quality and most of us in the family like to emulate her.She steered clear of the controversies at the workplace , was always helpful to the elderly and the less fortunate and even took a special care to attend to those who were not lucky to be literate.(#loyalty)

She never played her cards too safe; Always........ "took the challenges head on"..............even if it meant catching the bull by the horn and slogging a little bit more. Upholded ethics, values and beliefs and fought for everything that is correct and did that without offending anyone to the extent possible. She worked diligently,tactfully handling all situations.

Being a working women with two kids and with the added responsibility of an entire joint family to be looked after;she never got tired of anything. In times of crisis in the family she has always shown exemplary leadership skills by........ "managing things correctly and in line with the need of the hour"

"Getting along well with people without losing the controlling power....Has never been a problem with her; In fact she enjoyed guiding people by harnessing all her skills in putting it into good use to help everyone and at the same time controlled the situations wherever required.

She never looked for any credit nor worked to claim the credit. She firmly believed that if she is destined to get something it should come to her. All that she believed was doing good work and making sure that every aspect is taken care and proudly used to say.............. “My work should talk about me and not otherwise...” 

Like all other working women she also has to go through challenging times. Things were very difficult for her at many a times. She had this god given ability to maintain a balance in life and above all she could always......... " find the perfect balance between her demanding professional life and an equally demanding personal life"..............with a lot of responsibilities.(#Balancing personal and professional life)

 (Note: This article was published by me on earlier titled as "7 management lessons I learnt from my elder sister*" *My sister-in-law is actually much more than an elder sister* to me. She is a perfect example for #women power. She is liked by all and a role model for all in the family. She has always taken up the leadership roles when it mattered the most. She believed in never diluting her personal responsibilities(such as looking after the elderly);-Eternally grateful to her for the way she looked after my late mother, despite having a very demanding job. After a meritorious and highly acclaimed 40 years of tireless service she attained superannuation from her job on 01.06.2018)

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