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Game Changers ?

Game Changers ?

 Fact: Construction companies need to utilize #cuttingedge technology with more courage and conviction.

Silver lining: In this context it is heartening to note that there is already a slow change happening # }

          Construction companies need to utilize cutting edge technology with courage and conviction to break out of the conventional trap.

Traditionally, construction industry is an isolated segment.In many areas unfortunately we still operate with age old methodologies irrespective of what is happening around.

But not anymore maybe!

There is already a slow change happening in terms of narrowing the gap with other industries when it comes to incorporating the benefits of technological innovations and other recent developments including adopting more sustainable measures.

Let us take a quick look on what are some of the new and emerging areas in construction industry that would well equip those involved in the process in a better manner resulting in facilitating otherwise laborious & labor intensive process of construction.

These Technological Developments Would Facilitate Positive Changes In This Industry Or Not ? 

#Use of Nanotechnology? 

Development of nanotechnology has resulted in Carbon nano tubes that are so light and at the same time very strong.They can be embedded into other building materials like metals, concrete, wood and glass to add density and required tensile strength.

 Engineers are even experimenting with nano-scale sensors that can monitor stresses inside building materials and identify potential fractures or cracks before they occur.

#Drones in construction? 

Construction industry is getting more imaginative.It is not just the discussion about use of BIM, 3-D Printing and other sophisticated measuring tools that is trending in this industry now. Innovative ways to make use of #cuttingedge technology has also resulted in many thinking of employing drones to assist them in surveying, taking images of remotely located sites,updating the clients about the timely progress with 360 degree panoramic images, close examination of high risk areas such as crane tower, scaffolding , deep excavations,tunneling monitoring and underground rail progress inspection and monitoring etc.. ..Utilizing FPV technology, a drone camera can stream HD footage to the project team or project stakeholders in real-time.

Laser scanning from drones has already become a recognized method of capturing the exact detail of topography, buildings & other areas and can provide the missing piece to point cloud scan for input into Building Information Models (BIM) in several countries as per the bimhub news.

#Use of Big Data?

 Construction industry could benefit a lot more in planning and decision making at least if not in other areas by appropriately leveraging the developments in the field of data analytics. The number of variables that govern the progress of any construction are most of the times indeterminate in nature.

 By making use of the available data and applying scientifically proven methods to obtain a desirable projection to support decision making would act as a big supporting element while tackling large projects involving a lot of uncertainties. Mr.Bernard Marr, An expert in data analytics adds.. "What I am seeing is that construction firms are starting to move into arenas such as real-time, cloud-powered analytics of large and unstructured data sets. Such methods have the potential to redefine the traditionally fraught relationships between the interested parties. Architects – who want to unleash their creative energy – engineers – who have to try and make it all fit together and not fall down again – and owners, desperate to keep costs from spiraling out of control"

#Use of IoT? 

 In an article(4 BIG ways the IoT is impacting design& construction) that appears on the IBM website, author Jacqi Levy explains: "The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming every facet of the building – how we inhabit them, how we manage them, and even how we build them. 

There is a vast ecosystem around today’s buildings, and no part of the ecosystem is untouched" This article clearly explains how IoT could be beneficial for BIM, Green building construction, Intelligent Prefab and complex construction management activities.

As organizations are strategically looking at ways to inventively capture bigger size of markets in a fiercely competitive environment (defined by low margins) what would separate them out would be the optimal way they could make use of the positive aspects of all of these without having to invest a fortune to upgrade! Well, that is the challenge for those who are involved in developing the technology and working on it to fine tune to the needs of this industry.

We are definitely going to witness a lot more harnessing of the cutting edge technology in the years to come in our industry. (#Important note:Please get in touch with us if you are operating in any of these areas .You may also like to get in touch with us if you have a successful case study by way of implementing any of these in your projects.Email us: )

 #About Us: Our work is based on the philosophy that whatever we do should also be meaningful and adding value to not just the industry but to the society as well #Wehelpu2grow. 

You may like to check the video below:

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Thank you for sharing the information Prakashan B.V. Nano-scale sensors would seem to have a great potential as a new type of non destructive testing.

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Great example of how innovations, especially in materials science, are impacting contruction and beyond.

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