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How About A New Direction To Life?


How About A New Direction To Life?

Background: I like this saying, "An entire sea of water can't sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship".Similarly, the negativity of the world can't put us down unless we allow it to get inside us.The turning point of my life came the day I started thinking that we could be more at ease by ignoring those things that remain unresolved in our heart. Nothing stays the same forever including those feelings of having got hurt or failed in your endeavor.Time heals and heal it should!Agree that keeping all those things in the heart and moving around as if nothing has happened is not an easy task .But thinking in a little different manner would bring in a lot more happiness if not anything else!

#Let me explain for the benefit of all from own experiences on How we could have a new direction, purpose and meaning to life?

#Thanksgiving, that is where it should start at any stage: I have come across many supportive and wonderful individuals during this "journey".Expressing my gratitude to all of them right here.So it is always important to express gratitude. That#thanksgiving is what makes life more beautiful than pondering over what we don't have .The day I learnt to express gratitude to those who stood by my side through thick and thin and also accepted the (unpleasant,You may like to click on the link at the end to read"Stay Safe from Intruders...") fact that at times some people/situations might put us down despite taking all the precautions,that became the defining moment for beginning of a new way of life for me .

#Harnessing the power to adjust and also believing in own capabilities ...The day I started believing a lot more in my capabilities to adjust, that was a great change to start with!. Back then , I even wrote this in my scrap book. "My deep faith in me is the only truth which will allow me to survive & I will come out of this despite people unknowingly putting me down through dint of my perseverance and hard work" .Once I wrote this and started reading this every morning before I set out for my work I had a lot of inner confidence.Reminded myself every day of the adage ."You are stronger than you