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Under Pressure? Don't Worry..Stay The P-P-C* Way

Under Pressure? Don't Worry..Stay The P-P-C* WayGot a tough task to be completed and under pressure to succeed? Preparing for a crucial exam and fear of failure haunts you? 

Working on something that calls for channelizing all your energies so much so that you feel drained out?

Your boss has given you a mammoth task and the survival of your very team is depended on the successful completion and that is making you worried?

If your answer is yes, then you are not alone.

No one likes to get out of comfort zone given an opportunity.But the reality is that often we are pushed beyond the boundaries of our comfort zone.Not only that, ironically, many a times upon the successful completion we are also reminded of the quote that "life begins at the end of our comfort zone".

What matters the most while performing under pressure?

#Managing your emotions well : Managing your emotions in positive(p*) constructive manner is one of the secret recipes to success. When you see the pressure as a challenge, you are simulated to give the attention and energy needed to make your best effort.

Be positive and get in touch with your senses.Remembering your past success increases the confidence .The golden rule being not letting your emotions overpower your intelligence. "Successful leaders handle pressure very well and they don't get perturbed" or in other words they manage their emotions well.

#Don't worry about getting defeated that is only a chance ,you need to concentrate on the task in hand now(stay in the present,one more p*)!Most of the times people fail because the dominant emotion is that of losing (fear of failure). So be strong and tackle the challenges.