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What would have happened to him, who would have entered this scenario unknowingly?

 What would have happened to him, who would have entered this scenario unknowingly?As he was climbing the steps to join his new office, he had an unusual spring in his steps. He was very happy and highly enthusiastic.

Upon reporting,he was greeted by a serious looking! person who in turn took him to a small conference room full of people and he felt they were more serious than being jovial by their attitude:))

After a forced smile and exchange of basic pleasantaries the one who appeared to be the senior most uttered these words to him in a matter of fact voice; "“You need to take over from a person we are going to put you across to. You learn from him! He is going to be your boss for that period till we fire him”!

To say the least, he was shattered. For him then at that moment everything around him seemed to stop.The world around him froze .He felt helpless and tricked. All that he wanted to do was getup and run away.But something was holding him back from doing just that.

He started thinking.Soon it dwelled upon hin that,he is supposed to learn everything! take over and allow the management to fire his boss once everything works out well!The "karma" expected from him and for what he has been recruited for!

Right there he started visualizing what is expected of him and comprehended the situation and decided to give it a try(He didn't have any other options as well!). He understood that the management was scared about communicating directly with his boss at that stage.They thought "that" would jeopardize their operations.They wanted to get rid of him after this new recruit is ready with all that is required to run the show.

So he came to take over from his boss! with the connivance of the management, he was supposed to work under that