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Why did that happen, when everything else appeared so fine?

Why did that happen, when everything else appeared so fine?

Learning to Walk Away from People & Situations that Threaten your Peace of Mind..:--------------

He had everything in life. Educated well , he was well placed in the corporate world .He was even handling the pressure of the corporate world very well and liked by his colleagues.

Still one day he did that unfortunate act of putting an end to his life .

He was never the type who would complain or express about his inner feelings .So we all never had any actual clue on why he took this extreme step initially  until we found out after his untimely death that it was indeed the difficult behavior of his in-laws that has put him under tremendous amount of stress in his personal life.

He was an  academically brilliant guy who otherwise was not used to accepting failures. Probably he was ill prepared to take that onslaught from them which would have resulted in such an action .

This article is dedicated to him and those who might be silently suffering from such behavior of others .

The reference below is only about those odd behavior categories(sometimes on extreme side) like those who love to put others down to hide own problems (so they  probably doesn't fit into any normal classifications like us)...

#Trouble makers:

They simply disturbs!The only reason they are in touch with you is (probably) to get an opportunity to put you down somewhere sometime.I mean at least  you feel like so when you think of their actions.

They get a big kick by disturbing others whether it is derogatory remarks / funny comments or even very offendig statements.

They do all these nonsense and at the same time they have a habit of acting very innocent also.

These are also the people who would  most of the times treat their own families also the same way.Making life miserable for not only their kith and kin even their kids.   

Tip: Keep dignitary unyielding distance from them at all points of time. If you are forced to meet them take enough precaution to protect yourself.If possible avoid them like plague and safe guard your life (if that is possible!).They have the habit of getting back to you and be smart enough to understand that and create a protective barrier.

#Innocent looking Troublemakers:

Before we define innocent looking trouble makers let us differentiate first between those who are actually innocent from those  appearing so but  in reality are  trouble makers!

The classical "Innocent" ones: Neither do any harm nor help anyone. Easy to be with them. They don't bother you nor they are bothered by your problems.It is never difficult to adjust with them .All that you need to do is make sure that you don't start bothering them with your problems resulting in them blacklisting you because they might find this inconvenient.They like the solitude and don't want anything to disturb them. They are introverts and find peace in being aloof. If you would try to approach them over enthusiastically they may not like it. But here we are actually discussing about those...So who are  Innocent looking trouble makers?:  They help you and at the same time take advantage of that also. They are opportunists and at times capable of putting you in difficulties. When they need any help from you they could be a bit aggressive about that. They are bit cautious about their image and would like to be classified as those who would like to help others so that they can take advantage of that fact.

Tip: While dealing with trouble makers it would have been easy to identify them quickly because they show that "attitude", that is seldom the case with this type.Often they can project a wrong image and misguide you

Why did that happen, when everything else appeared so fine?

Make sure you safeguard your life from negativity.Thanks for reading....Have a great weekend.

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Mohammed Sultan 7/11/2016 · #11

@ Parakashan B.V The problem is how to define a "trouble maker",the symptoms of this stage in their corporate life is often seen in their eyes and in the way they behave ,their capabilities depend more on their feelings,emotions and hidden knowledge rather than relationships with others. When you avoid their little mistakes you sometimes get distracted and fill in the big ones.Because they are acting emotionally,they need to be understood and need bosses who can help them balance their emotions with reason,either by moving them to other places or considering all that had happened from them as mere trifle,and quite unworthy of being dwelt on.

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Brian McKenzie 7/11/2016 · #10

"Sunshine Friends" I have found to be way more detrimental than 'trouble makers'. Both get a wide berth from me.

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Robin Barton 7/11/2016 · #9

So true, especially the "innocent" ones

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Pamela 🐝 Williams 6/11/2016 · #8

@Prakashan B.V, I have throughout my life had to make these hard decisions, even about close family. I learned that avoidance is the only answer, no matter what you say they won't change if there is any benefit to them keeping you in a negative place. It was wonderful for you to dedicate this piece to the young man and sharing his story with us.

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debasish majumder 6/11/2016 · #7

nice insight @Prakashan B.V! trouble makers could be innocent as well malignant! enjoyed read. thank you for sharing the post.

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David B. Grinberg 6/11/2016 · #6

Great advice, Prakashan. I always remind people that you can't control the actions or reactions of others. However, you can always control your own actions and reactions. Thanks for the good buzz!

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Robert Cormack 5/11/2016 · #5

We all face these sort of people, @Prakashan, both in personal and business life. Avoidance seems to be the best course of action. I've had friends for years who fall into this category. I finally decided to let them go. Nothing bad happened. In fact, they went their way and I went mine. In the end, we both benefited from calling it quits. Anything toxic is worth avoiding. I don't think we do it enough.

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Irene Hackett 5/11/2016 · #4

Thank you @Prakashan B.V for this important message.

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