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Bhasa amar / 3/4 beat Bangla adhunik style / pratanu Banerjee

I am the organizer of INSTITUTE OF PERFORMING ART AND MIND POWER DEVELOPMENT. I am a Reiki Grandmaster, Crystal reiki practitioner, Money Reiki Practitioner, Karuna Reiki Practitioner, Self Hypnosis and Emotional Empowerment Practitioner. I am associated with Bisnupur Uchchal Probaho, Khatra Adibasi Culture and Development Center, Sodpur Sreejony Welfare Society as public relations.
I am doing academic and website content writer for 4 years. I love photography. I love blogging.

am a music teacher of synthesizer, harmonica, flute, guitar. visit my blog - content writer pratanu banerjee
I am a professional content writer of 790 + hours at
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Before my father become an English professor, he had worked at Berger paints in the department of accounts. He had enjoyed teaching for 15 years. The acting of mother was played by an veteran actor. My father had always motivated my mother in amateur drama.

I feel that the remarks were totally unintentional and I developed a strong character to deal with the troubles in my life. My favorite actor is Uttam Kumar. Uttam Kumar had played in prominent characters and received significant appreciation from the public of West Bengal. He had been an actor atnd singer. In one of the films, he had sung a song. Movie star Rajnikant had declared to join politics. There are many actors who started acting at a young age. They enjoyed acting significantly.

Bhasa amar / 3/4 beat Bangla adhunik style / pratanu Banerjee