2 most important things to look before buying flats

2 most important things to look before buying flats

Purchasing properties or investing one’s hard earned money in buying flats is one of the biggest decisions. We have come across many such situations where a person invests his or her money in buying the best flats available and ends up taking home loans from some reputed banks and other financial institutions. Repaying the same loan in the form of EMIs will take a lot of time, so the best idea is to contribute securely and wisely so that the person could get the best apartment according to the money he or she have saved.

In the recent years we have seen in newspapers, television, and other hoarding that flat for sale in North Kolkata are taking place. But before investing the money in buying these flats we take a very abrupt decision which becomes inappropriate for us in the near future. This blog will help people to take good look on 2 most important things before buying flats in any part of Kolkata.

Look whether the apartment is fully constructed or linked

Many real estate developers and builders opt for construction linked plans or in short CLP, which later on puts heavy burden on some potential home buyers. When CLP is being done by the builders the bank starts to pay installments to the builder on the behalf of the home buyer for completion of certain construction related milestones. The bank then disburses some portion of the money on the pre-decided plans laid by the real estate developer and the rest amount is being collected by the builder till the whole property is being constructed properly.

Here the home buyer has to pay the last 5% of the total cost of the property after the real estate developer or the builder provides property possession. After the buyer gets the possession of the property then only his or her loan repayment starts. But in this whole process the buyer has to pay more amount than what was actually required because the home buyer is paying the EMI, Interest of the EMI and a small amount for Pre-EMI. So here lies a risk for the buyer if the property dealer delays in handing over the possession then it become a bigger mess than anyone can possibly think of. Being a prospective home buyer we have to ensure and check all the possible records of the real estate developer before buying flats.

Check whether the residential project is a sanctioned one or not

This is the second important point one have to keep in mind before buying a new apartment for sale on BT Road Kolkata . A sanctioned residential project or plan means whether the real estate developer has all the proper rights to build the particular property on that particular land or not. The real estate developer should have all the required documents including mutation certificate, municipal tax documents and conveyance deed. You have to check that the property dealer should have all dues cleared on time and has the sanctioned papers for building the residential apartments. This is required because if we buy any home which is not sanctioned then in the upcoming months or years the residents may get in a compromised situation. So if you are that kind of potential home buyer who does not takes hasty decisions in investing money for buying flats or apartments then make sure to look whether the properties are legally sound and the developments plans are being sanctioned so that you do not have to face any kinds of legal issues.

In the recent years we have come upon many places where apartment buildings are growing rapidly. This place is having many real estate developers like Meridian Group, Dhoot Group, Godrej Properties, and many more who have built various residential projects, apartments and flats. But amongst them Dhoot Group has constructed Pratham their one of the recent real estate developments, Pratham is built on 4.18 acres of land, there are 376 flats in total which are segregated in 5 blocks.

Pratham offers 2 BHK to 4 BHK flats of different square feet sizes. The whole residential apartment is constructed on BT Road with spacious 2/3rd open sided and vaastu compliant flats. Every single flat is being designed with all modern amenities and facilities, residents can even get awesome view of the Holy Ganges and natural water body. Pratham is also built to the nearest proximity to the upcoming metro station and other transportations. Pratham includes cycling & jogging tracks, water amusement facilities, gymnasium, community halls, club facilities and children’s park. People who will stay here will feel blessed in living their lives amidst nature and a lovely neighborhood.