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“Off all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world; she walks into mine”
Someone famous in Source Title

Sounds familiar? Why not?

This is the 67th most memorable movie dialogue in american film history, itself accompanied by 5 others from the same movie. Yes! We are talking Casablanca ! Love, romance, epic sacrifice, cathartic emotions, bondage of past relationships, and simply what not, effing every drop in the petrol to the car of the most romantic film ever made!

And it was on 1942!


The story is simple. We simply pick Hollywood’s best faces, the protagonists being the heroes of the century (Yes, Bogart and Bergman were!); add the sugar villain in the story who, circumstance-luckily gets the girl, add a melange of ‘not-so-real’ social conditions, let all the alcohol and cigarettes do the icing, bake all that in the oven of some beautiful scenes of Paris, finish with some of the best classical English dialogues and ta da! You now have the best romance recipe in history!

Apart from being the #1 in everything, what makes this movie worth the severe following it still pursues, even after 72 years of flower-blossomed theatrics?

The answer: though open to unending criticism, is:

“There’s a little Casablanca in everyone”.

And as your eyes come down to this sentence; completing the fraction of micro-nano-femto-pico seconds that it takes for the brain to realise what this sentence actually went? You’ll develop the interrogative sense as your visual stimulus send this message to your brain. “What, in me?”.

The following will relate to the movie: You/Your life/A part of your life/A part of your life you are to face soon;


The name reads good? At least. The pic may not be! Rick’s Cafe Americain. In this epic, Humphrey Bogart plays Rick Blaine. The proprietor of an upscale nightclub and gambling den in the city of Casablanca. What he owns? This joint. The famous cafe in the heart of the city.

Alike this Cafe, you, somewhere have a heart down, too! Isn’t it just the place which stages all the drama in life? Rick’s Cafe had it all, the wonderful people, the ever-so-blissful piano, the soothing alcohol and the chessboard for solving all the problems in your life! Let this c