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“Off all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world; she walks into mine”
Someone famous in Source Title

Sounds familiar? Why not?

This is the 67th most memorable movie dialogue in american film history, itself accompanied by 5 others from the same movie. Yes! We are talking Casablanca ! Love, romance, epic sacrifice, cathartic emotions, bondage of past relationships, and simply what not, effing every drop in the petrol to the car of the most romantic film ever made!

And it was on 1942!


The story is simple. We simply pick Hollywood’s best faces, the protagonists being the heroes of the century (Yes, Bogart and Bergman were!); add the sugar villain in the story who, circumstance-luckily gets the girl, add a melange of ‘not-so-real’ social conditions, let all the alcohol and cigarettes do the icing, bake all that in the oven of some beautiful scenes of Paris, finish with some of the best classical English dialogues and ta da! You now have the best romance recipe in history!

Apart from being the #1 in everything, what makes this movie worth the severe following it still pursues, even after 72 years of flower-blossomed theatrics?

The answer: though open to unending criticism, is:

“There’s a little Casablanca in everyone”.

And as your eyes come down to this sentence; completing the fraction of micro-nano-femto-pico seconds that it takes for the brain to realise what this sentence actually went? You’ll develop the interrogative sense as your visual stimulus send this message to your brain. “What, in me?”.

The following will relate to the movie: You/Your life/A part of your life/A part of your life you are to face soon;


The name reads good? At least. The pic may not be! Rick’s Cafe Americain. In this epic, Humphrey Bogart plays Rick Blaine. The proprietor of an upscale nightclub and gambling den in the city of Casablanca. What he owns? This joint. The famous cafe in the heart of the city.

Alike this Cafe, you, somewhere have a heart down, too! Isn’t it just the place which stages all the drama in life? Rick’s Cafe had it all, the wonderful people, the ever-so-blissful piano, the soothing alcohol and the chessboard for solving all the problems in your life! Let this cafe be your heart, where you play the game of “life”.


Coming to the term ‘Life’, it is said that there exists no specific definition for it. Even Google can’t help you there! Yes, maybe this is too subjective a question, answers will have variance, people have different opinions but, but there’s a similarity in all these definitions/opinions. Hear what? Life, must be a journey. From the second your breath starts till where it ends. Good enough? Now correlate life to this movie. The second it starts is where your life begins and the second it ends, your life follows suit. Don’t label me a pessimist, just fly to a different world.

So far, we have a heart and we have life. Now Hell’s kitchen asks for ingredients! You can ask as for when your life begins(i.e the movie begins/curtain falls), what is the first thing you do?

Ans: You drink, You drink till you drain out all sorrows!

Now that’s a pretty bad way to start a life isn’t it? Your life just began and you’re carrying the burden of sorrows already. Such injustice. Alright, let’s scrutinize. Consider yourself to be the person whose life begins after they realize the amount of sorrows they carry. We’ve all been through this, to the point where we bend so far we are near to our break-point. So many experiences we go through each day, but there’s always a time we ponder about the world and our position in it, and whenever you find a hand of yours filled with much of deplorable experiences, you usually find alcohol on the other.

Life’s began. You’re at Rick’s Cafe with the best shots of gin you’re ever likely to find anywhere else. You’re trying to pull up from some bad experience from the past and you’re using gin as your saline! As you look around you, you see people dancing, smiling, crying, singing and doing just what they want. Isn’t it just alike the people around us? Their activities are their daily chores? Their difference in perception the principle of variance?  For what goes inside this cafe is similar to what goes around us in this world. Because in both cases, you’re the frame of reference, you see the world and you act the way you feel is right. It’s just that everyone has a different story line and hence, people are different. For this is why different people at that cafe do different things, and you relate to the person with a similar experience to yours(Dance-Dance; Sing-Sing; Drink-Drink).

The picture is starting to get a little clear? Now, following the principle of life, come to the point! Why are you inside that cafe and not anywhere else? What made you choose that specific place over all the food,art,culture you can possible spend your time on anywhere else? As you ponder over these questions, enters the answer itself!


Yes, she’s that epic beauty we talked about earlier. Ingrid Bergman a.k.a the reason you’re in that cafe. You’re stunned because you didn’t expect that to happen, and you suddenly do the obvious: Keeping yourself away from the bad experience. Symmetrically, you’re expected to do the same with your life: You keep the bad experiences behind and you move on, achieving the higher objectives in life. You’re determined, but in reality: you don’t find the problem, the problem finds you! 

I’ll not direct this to where you have a history with someone and how it happened or what happened(as does the movie): You’re just left with the option to face it, that’s why Casablanca is different. Like your life, your past is something you can’t influence, so why it’s not even put into perspective! Where your life begins, your rationale is to face whatever comes along with it. The first thing you face in this movie is your answer. Strange? Not quite. Because answers come with liabilities!


As evident, your answer also has an attached 3rd Party. Something(someone, in this case) you’re not directly attached to, but they influence your position in life, they own what was yours before. In Economics, this is termed Asset Handover’s. As you can clearly see, what was yours isn’t  yours anymore but it still influences you = The reason you are at the cafe = The answer to your problems = The thing you’re trying to keep yourself away from = What wasn’t meant for you.

This completes the circle of life. You are negatively influenced by your past possession to things that wouldn’t stay with you in the long run. These are the same things that raise your stakes of expectations above your level of possession and when it does, you take a fall. You realize reality. You pick yourself up and do something else.

This movie was your circle, the cafe your heart, the girl your problem and solution both, the people around you are, the people around you. So, what were you all this time?

Probably this is the only time I’ll let you be in the shoes of the greatest actor in Hollywood, but you’ve done enough to deserve it. You’re the Rick Blaine.


Now you can ask, as you’ve seen all of these all this time, how come you find a solution before your life and the movie end? Why do all this for something that I don’t even control? The logical step is to move along, as you did in the movie. You make friends, enemies, good and bad samaritans, but you complete the journey of life. But then, I’m not answering what you really want to know, isn’t it? Your real question is:

Is it worth it?

This, is where it all converges. These 4 words are what your life is for. You can play Bogart all along but this is what you really wish to know. The answer lies within yourself. It’s definitely worth it. Whatever you face in life, whatever you do and drink inside Rick’s Cafe is definitely worth it. Everyone has a different journey yet we all meet good and bad fates, but if it wasn’t there in the first place, then your life is worth nothing. Every experience, good or bad, shapes you. You good-will for people is what defines you. Just like the end of this movie; you close your eyes, remember the good, you open your eyes, and you walk the road that awaits you. 

“Whatever happens in between, is life”.


Froilán Pérez 15/11/2016 · #2

@Pratik Das great article, but to be honest this movie, better said - this piece of art, better yet piece of history; deserved no less.

Can I humbly add one thing to this already masterfull producer article:

The Marseillese, sung in the movie, is the Casablanca of National Anthems

+3 +3
Cepee Tabibian 15/11/2016 · #1

@Pratik Das, thanks for sharing and welcome to the hive!!!

+3 +3