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Whispers of Winter

Whispers of WinterAs one breath goes back in,

As a dark shadow covers eyes,

I wonder with a smile,

What was when the clock was 5 years younger,

Where I was a stranded cold dew,

In a field of green with a million others,

Held on to a purple flower,

Shaped gently with the cold breeze,

Covered by an purple overcast sky,

Looked at by a pair of Amber eyes,

Morning sunshine isn’t coming soon,

Neither is any rush,

There’s an empty wooden bench in distance,

Just now a snowflake fell aside me,

White, pale and thin,

As it said Hello the wind carried it away,

It smiled at me,

So did a million other snowflakes, all around me,

The second’s end was near,

so I left my flower, I fell into the ground,

I wanted the Amber eyes to smile,

So I did first, and then it did.

Last thing I remember,

A breath came out.