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Launched Your app? This Is Not The End, It's New Beginning

Blimey!!! After all these months or years that you have invested in coming up with your dream app, you have finally launched your app. Kudos to you, now you will be taking a huge breath of relief. Well, do you think the fight ends here? No, dear friend. Buckle your shoes yet again, there’s a long way to go still. You think your app is going to create a miracle the moment it enters the app store with apps just like yours entering every minute. If this is what you have in your mind, you are going to fall right on your face. Well, the way out is marketing. The pessimistic side is even the best app will fail without marketing and the optimist side is it won’t cost you a fortune to opt for marketing strategies but yes it will benefit you a fortune for sure. If you are bumfuzzled what you need to do next then keep on reading and find it.

Launched Your app? This Is Not The End, It's New Beginning

1) Track, Analyze and Take Action

You just can’t abandon your app after launch. Mobile app development is just like your baby, after birth, you care for them and raise them. Your mobile app also needs the care to survive and grow. The first few months are those when they need to be evaluated the most. You need to keep track of a number of people downloading your app, their usage time per day. The data analysis and learning from the initial weeks of the app launch are invaluable. They have guided path as to what actions are needed to be taken for the future. You need to be equipped with an analytic tool that can guide you with insights like app store ratings, the least used features, most used features, the number of installs and also uninstalls. If you are not equipped with it, how come your app is going to survive?

2) Be Prompt with Feedback

Something you can’t put your ends loose on is the user feedback. It's by far the most valuable thing your mobile app gets. Feedback, whether positive or negative means people are interested in your app and sharing their views to improvise it so that they can have enhanced user experience. Know where they are getting trapped? Are they interacting with the features the way you thought or differently? Mobile app development Company India suggests Beta testing as the feedback you receive from there is extremely essential and something you should be making prompt improvement in. If response involves mentioning of any bugs, then resolve them as rapidly as possible to not to encounter the swift decrease in the users.

3) Feature Usage

When feedback is placed in the top-notch, how can actions be placed in the degraded position? You will be fairly aware of the phrase action speaks louder than words. The app analytics that you have incorporated will enable you with a close encounter of the usage. This will make you aware as to which features are gaining popularity and thriving increased amount of features and which features are falling flat. Prediction feature usage can be confusing. You can encounter a situation where you have thought a feature would not be liked by public much, but in reality, the situation goes vice versa and the feature gets lots of applauding by the users.

4) Grab The Right Users

Have you launched user acquisition campaign? If not, then this is the right time to do. You would have done research on the target audience and you are fairly aware of who would want to be your user. You can use this point to your advantage when you are launching your user acquisition campaign. Opting for a paid user acquisition campaign can prove to be quite expensive and that’s the reason why it's important to get the proper return on the money you have invested. Pay more heed towards the potential users and spent your funds to drive them towards your way.