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Reasons to Choose A Serviced Apartment Over A Hotel

Serviced Apartments are becoming more popular, with plenty of people choosing to stay in one instead of a hotel. When booking your accommodation in the city like Chennai it's not always easy to choose between a hotel or a serviced apartment in Chennai, especially if you've never stayed in a serviced apartment before. But due to all its benefits, Serviced apartments are considered a great option for every kind of traveler. Here are the top reasons for choosing a serviced apartment over your for your next trip.

More Space

The worst feeling you can get on arriving at your booked accommodation is to find a small room wherein you have to adjust yourself within the cramped space. On the other hand, serviced apartments in Chennai provide a generous, well defined living space and separate bedrooms with ensuite washrooms and balconies. It is said that serviced apartments are 30% larger than a hotel room, this makes them an ideal place to stay.

Reasons to Choose A Serviced Apartment Over A Hotel

Cost effective

Serviced apartments give you luxury and comfortable accommodation at an affordable price and without the hefty hotel price tag. You can save by cooking all your meals in the kitchenette and storing groceries in your apartment fridge. Cutting down the cost of your meals can save you a lot of money which you can spend on leisure or other business activities.

Home away from home

Many people choose serviced apartments over hotel because they have that ‘home away from home’ feeling. Serviced apartments are beautifully decorated with window drapes, bed linens and other accessories to suit your living standard back home. You will feel like staying at your home, which will make you more relaxed. The privacy of serviced apartments will give you more comfort. When all your cooking needs and amenities are taken care of in one place, it will give you peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about ordering for food or giving away your dresses for laundry.

Centralized location

Having your accommodation close to the city hubs can be of great advantage to you. Most of the serviced apartments in Chennai are located in several main areas. Having a view of the city’s most iconic and breathtaking sights at your doorstep will make your trip indelible.  The shopping streets and the IT centre will be a quick taxi ride away

Great for business or leisure trips

Whether you’re looking for a place to stay with the whole family, or somewhere to stay while on a business trip, you can’t really surpass the convenience a serviced apartment offers to you. The serviced apartment is the best choice for business people who need to undertake conference calls and business meetings online or on the phone. With all the amenities and a good housekeeping, a serviced apartment is a great option for those travelling on leisure or business purpose.

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