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Some New Eye catching flower plants for Indoors and Outdoors

Some New Eye catching flower plants for Indoors and Outdoors
Give your home a well pretty look of indoors & outdoors with delightful, simple to-think about blossoms. Keeping plants alive doesn’t need to be an all day work, and these plants ensure you don’t invest a lot of energy watching out for them. They are independent enough that even the unpracticed Gardener can care for them, and the best part about these houseplants is that they’ll include a much needed refresher to any room in the house.


With an aroma like no other , There is a perfect houseplant for more reasons named Gardenia gives a fresh look. You will realise that they’re easy to care for, and their bright green leaves offer a characteristic fly to any space in the house.

2. Crown of thorns

These Pretty flower plant stands as a close relative to Pointsettia. You can neglect it unless for whatever length of time that you give it splendid to intense light and keep it on the dry side. It has thick, spiked, dark earthy colored stems that are meagerly branched. But it has to be handled carefully as its milky sap is poisonous causing skin irritation or itching.

3. Gloxinia

These eye-catching flowers named Gloxinia comes in some cool colors for decorating your room. They bloom in pre-spring or late-winter, gloxinia bears 3-inch-wide, ringer shape blossoms in rich hues, frequently set apart with differentiating groups or dots of white. After sprouts blur, permit the plant to go torpid by retaining water. At the point when new development starts once more, continue watering.

4. Oxalis

You will love this Perennial Oxalis Plant that propagates by underground bulbs with vigorous stem was 20-30cm height. The shamrock-shape leaves are excellent and beguiling. In addition, it makes a pleasant blessing on St. Patrick’s Day.

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