How to boost your employee engagement using Triggertronics team building activity?

Boost your Employee Engagement 

How to boost your employee engagement using Triggertronics team building activity?Every one of us set goals, strategies and action plans to consciously grow. How many of us are able to achieve it as we expect? What is one thing that is helping us to push ourselves ahead?

When we ask such questions, many will say, ‘Motivation’ as a reason to move ahead amidst many challenges. Yes, if the person is rightly motivated, it will reflect appropriately in the way he or she is contributing to their personal and professional growth. Not only the individual growth, but such personalities also make a huge difference in others’ lives and, as a faithful employee, they proactively strive towards organizational growth.

Imagine, such highly motivated individuals join a team and work on the project you are leading.

“Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people” – Nicholas Sparks

Isn’t it time to understand and implement models to build a super agile team?

How can a team leader or a project manager build such highly motivated teams in an organization?

Organizations use various techniques and tools to keep the employees motivated. The career growth opportunities, positive work environment, skill building in the right way, and helping them to manage the pressure and stress are vital in keeping the employees engaged successfully. One of the prosperous methods to keep the teams engaged while building skills are organizing corporate team bonding activities.

Each team member’s strength works based on the team’s strength and vice versa; there is an inter-dependency that moves things well ahead. Such strength-mapping helps in creating win-win scenario leading to achieving project objectives. Let’s have a look at what happens when the teams are involved in team building games, especially the dominant team bonding activity like Triggertronics. Choosing the right team building activities during corporate events can lead to a more significant outcome. The best part of fun team building activity is, it can be conducted in any of the picnic spots in Mumbai.

Yes, boost your employee engagement through this game; Trebound team indeed makes a huge difference in the way the results are achieved post activity.

Let’s first understand how the Triggertronics works before learning about the impact it creates on your team.

The Secret behind the team bonding game Triggertronics

Triggertronics, as the name suggests triggers many hidden talents, skills out of your teams where this fun team experience activity involves using simple engineering supplies to create a complex system. The corporate teams are formed in groups and given the supplies. As the facilitator from Trebound completes the debriefing, the groups start assembling various products – actually a series of energy converters.

The activity doesn’t stop at building machines, and, indeed the real fun starts at this moment. Once the machines are built, the different groups make an automatic energy conversion using the devices kept at different places, say, in tables. The automation project based team building activity is the best option to engage your employees in this automation & machine learning period. When the creations are joined, as a single complex system that converts the energies, the teams feel elated. At the end of the game, when the teams witness the overall system and its action, the ‘sense of achievement’ triggers the active neurons in them

“The way to bring about change is to be proactive and active”
Octavia Spence

Yes, the teams are encouraged to be proactive as they set the complex systems and active when they enjoy the fruit out of their hard work.

Out of the box thinking to develop and market new products

The challenges are enormous nowadays as businesses face changes every minute. Technologies are changing which is making lives further complicated. When companies are facing more modern challenges every day, the pressure is built on its employees. No more ‘simple techniques’ or ‘old school of thoughts’ will work for individual growth or organizational success. It is imperative that the employees learn to think ‘out of the box’ even in routine activities. Creativity is one of the core skills that is expected of the teams in this digital era.

We recently heard about the impact this Triggertronics did to one of the team members from a renowned Enterprise software development organization where we managed their outbound training. He has been spending quality time building models using his son’s toy set- building blocks and decorates his desk with a new model every once in a while. He also mentioned about how much creativity has been helping him revive his energy levels, and such a sense of achievement reflects positively in his productivity. His team is now assigned a high impacting project to handle and deliver.

Your organization can build innovative products and market as well when you engage your team in Triggertronics.

Collaborate and Communicate to Create an Organization that achieves high Competitive advantage

Actually, the term ‘competition’ is slowly moving out of the dictionary in many companies, and replaced by the word ‘Collaboration.’ Collaboration is the way forward to mutual growth and success. The customers are way too smart and well aware of how a product or a service impact their lives. Working on ‘silos’ will no longer help you to stand unique, collaboration to provide a holistic approach is the upcoming route many businesses are using as a success mantra.

Triggertronics further triggers the collaborative ability among teams. Even though the groups make separate products, they need to collaborate to build a complex system that fulfils the mission. The communication strategy with the focus here helps to create a hybrid collaborative model that leads the teams to accomplish the assignment. When the teams bring back the collaboration and communication techniques they acquired during the activity, the organization is sure to build a high-level advantage over competitions.

Beyond building various abilities as a part of corporate team building events, the teams also understand the importance of resource management. The raw materials provided in the exciting team building activity to build a complex model make the teams understand the techniques involved in optimizing resources.

Set a team goal, engage your teams in the right corporate team event and achieve success! Team effort indeed makes the dream work!