What are some of the best group activities for corporate events?

Best Group Activities For Corporate Events

Group activities are a great way to create bonds with other members of the team providing an opportunity to the group to get to know each other well, at a personal as well as a professional level. Not only this, group activities help reduce the stress associated with work pressures when done the proper and fun way.

Here’s a list of some unique group activities for corporate events that work as the perfect icebreakers pushing every member to contribute their best to help their teams come out as winners.

1. Triggertronics 

What are some of the best group activities for corporate events?

Description: In the high-tech environment, this is a team event that makes use of given supplies to create a project. A series of complicated transitions have to be crossed to do this relatively simple job. It is an automation project which has to be designed right from the basic elements. Tools and supplies are given to the team and they are expected to come up with the project well in time. Thus, it is an interesting team activity where co-workers have to rely on each other’s understanding, strengths and skills.

Learnings: Triggertronics activity is completely dependent on the communication and coordination between the team members – the project has to be understood, its elements checked, a project designed and finally built as per instructions. It also improves creativity skills of the team members. The moral of the winning team touches a new high and they work together as a cohesive unit. The event becomes quite competitive and entertaining. It is fun, involves the entire team, focuses on communication and comprehension skills, and is fast-paced.

2. Remote Car Challenge 

Description: This activity has dual challenges. On one hand, it focuses on collaboration and on the other, it is competition at its best. The team members have to work in perfect tandem to complete the circuit which is then followed by an exciting RC cars race that ups the excitement factor in the team. To succeed in this activity, the team has to show a high level of creativity which helps in designing a robust bridge that can hold two cars at a time. It is important to ensure well-distributed weight on the columns and pillars to ensure strength and stability. It is important for the team to do their thinking caps and plan the whole project in such a way that any chances of failures are avoided. This requires close collaboration amongst team members. It is one of the best corporate activity idea used by many corporate activity planners.

Learning: This activity aims at enhancing communication and collaboration between team members. It also forms a good base for project management, design thinking, optimal use of available resources, problem-solving, creativity and team building.

3. Drum Jam Activity

Description: It is a fun and exciting, corporate team outing activity. There is no need for segregating the team into smaller groups. Instead, music plays and drumbeats are felt. The activity is aimed at reducing the stress that builds up gradually while working in a highly competitive work environment. This drum jamming session also helps the team build its intellectual strength.

Learning: This activity helps promote creativity, innovativeness and expressions in individuals. It boosts team morale and helps the team works in perfect tandem as a cohesive whole. The communication between the team improves. They are more open to close collaboration. It also helps them learn better utilisation of available resources.

4. Water Volleyball

Description: It is a fun and exhilarating activity which is sure to take you through the nostalgic childhood memories and can be planned as a part of Corporate Team Activity. Water balloons are used to play the popular game of volleyball. Two teams are formed in this activity who will be competitors and stand on the opposite sides of the net. The team members will be holding a satin sheet through and catch water balloons. The activity is not as simple as it seems and requires precision positioning and manoeuvring. The balloons are tossed between two teams. If they miss the throw, the water balloon bursts and team members are splashed with water. A lot of strategic thinking also goes into this activity necessary to win the game. There is a lot of fun and excitement in this activity. Moreover, the entire team feels energised and motivated after a fun session of playing water volleyball using water balloons.

Learnings: The focus of the activity is a close collaboration between team members, creating tempo and encouraging people to move out of their comfort zone, increasing passions and commitment levels, bonding through shared energies, instilling competitiveness and the commitment to win.

5. F1Challenge

Description: It is a highly exciting and fun-filled activity that fills all team members with a lot of motivation. Different teams are created, and each team is given the task of building a custom concept car. They are allotted set resources and supplies for this purpose, and they have to make proper use of these supplies. A human-powered the race marks the finale of the event which as expected has a lot of cheer from both the teams. The teams have to build these cars from scratch and design and implement plans accordingly. It is a complicated process that requires frequent testing and modifications of the product until it gets perfect. Teams can also brand their cars. Thus, this activity offers a lot of learnings to the discerning team members.

Learnings: It is fun and enjoyable exercise while people bond and come up with creative thoughts and strategies to win the game.


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