Why should Team Building Activities be a part of a company’s annual activities?

Why should Team Building Activities be a part of a company’s annual activities?Organisations – big or small – are thoroughly dependent on human resources for their success. Most corporate entities that have been able to create those impeccable branding in the market today are examples of some great teamwork, that probably started somewhere in the middle or the top but permeated down to the bottom. Team building is essential in the super complex and competitive business scenario today. No doubt the HR and the training department of most corporates today are entrusted with the responsibility of planning and executing company team building activities that help employees not only bond with each other but also work as a united workforce to achieve the larger business goals. And to top it, team building activities are great fun and exciting too.

Therefore, corporate team building activities are so important: -

1. Collaboration

One of the primary reasons why an increasing number of corporates host multiple teams building activities for their internal resources is to make them collaborative. What is a team if all the members are not on the same platform if each doesn’t leave aside his individuality and combine forces towards one objective? Some great activities that help reinforce this collaboration are: -

a. Triggertronics – involves making a Rube Goldberg’s model using resources provided at hand. The purpose is to make a mock-up that functions as an original actuator. Highlighting collaborative efforts between the members of a team, everyone is committed to make the model work to be announced as a successful team.

b. Cook-it up – overseen by a five-star chef, participants divided into smaller groups need to cook a dish from a five-course meal. The objective is to be the winner – so it all depends on how teams manage their time while making sure that the essence and the taste of the dish are out-of-the-world.

c. Pyramid building – provided with random materials every team is required to build a huge pyramid involving each member of the team.

d. Jigsaw puzzle - the purpose here is that each small team works on canvas and draws or paints something symbolic of their organisation or relevant to the given topic. Each painting or drawing is then combined with the others to create a bigger masterpiece. The outcome is amazing displaying how when teams collaborate well within themselves the output is a stunning success.

2. Leadership skills

This is such an important life skill. The adage that leaders are born is no longer true. Leadership skills can be imbibed; can be learnt and picked up by people as they move along their professional lives. Team building activities that are oriented towards awakening the leader in each member of the group are tasks that are very essential because all organisations need strong and sound leaders to move forward. Some activities that allow people to work on their strengths and weaknesses to become capable leaders are –

a. Jigsaw puzzle – this masterpiece game brings out the inherent leaders in many team members who take the lead, give directions, and encourage others to give in their best.

b. Fire Walk – team members must cross a heap of burning charcoals. The leader chooses to lead and motivate others to follow.

c. Glass walk challenge – like the above, participants here need to walk over broken pieces of glasses without shoes. It requires focus and concentration, delivering key learnings to participants in the end.

3. Creativity and Innovation

Good teams are formed when individual members get the chance to showcase their talents and creative sides. A team must be open to accepting novel and innovative ideas from its members and one of the main focus of team building activities for corporate groups is to let ingenious side of each individual come out in the open so that there can be a healthy exchange of ideas and thoughts. And ideas, as we all know, have the power to move even the mountains! Some great activities to fuel the creative minds of employees are: -

a. Triggertronics –The objective is to build an actuator from given materials. The actuator that is built must have the capacity to run or work by itself without any manual intervention. All team members need to crack their brains and use their intuitive minds to prepare a working model.

b. Cook-it up – is a great exercise that allows team members to display their creative and artistic bent of mind. Since the activity revolves around cooking well by blending the right ingredients in the right proportion, it all depends on how creative the team members can get.

c. Beat the Trash - the game is to build music instruments from everyday trash. It needs lots of thinking, brainstorming and new ideas to make this one happens.

4. Project Management

Strategizing, allocating and managing resources, managing time and working on strict deadlines are all features of a project. By using the right kind of team building activities organisations can make their project teams effective and successful. Here are some of the best
company team building activities that can make team members work more efficiently and in better coordination in a project: -

a. Triggertronics - is, in fact, a project where each member needs to work on his or her strengths and areas of interest to make a live model.

b. Remote Car Challenge – another project that should end in building a working bridge or circuit that is able to withstand 2 F1 style cars. What is important here is that the team not only needs to work in sync with each other, they also need to coordinate well with other teams so that the entire circuit is built with a proper finishing to it.

c. F1 Challenge - again team with the perfect synchronisation wins this race where each team needs to build a working model of the F1 car from the given materials.

d. Boat Building Challenge – all teams in this exercise need to build a Kontiki Boat from given raw materials and supplies based on designs and blueprints provided. There’s a race at the end to prove which team delivers the best.

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