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Planning for a Corporate picnic at Mumbai? Here few interesting Team Building Activities

Planning for a Corporate picnic at Mumbai? Here few interesting Team Building ActivitiesAnaemic economic growth and recession in the market are taking a heavy toll on its bottom line resulting in going on a drastic cost reduction spree. The first casualty of this decision is employee perks. Here, we let you know why doing this to improve margins is very wrong.

Benefits of Corporate Picnic

In tough business environment, employees work under tremendous stress, yet are expected to perform at optimal productivity levels, chase stringent deadlines, and perform routine tasks as well. To cope up with this frantic pace, it is important that they get adequate rest and break once in a while to recharge their batteries. Corporate team outing like picnics is one of the ways through which they get a brief respite from hectic schedules and stressed working. Corporate picnic in Mumbai helps employees in the following ways.

Stay Committed

Despite working under immense stress, the employees, by and large, are loyal to the company and do not hesitate to show their commitment to the employers. Even when they know that economic growth is sluggish, they show their devotion to the company they are working for in tough times. Employee engagement activities reinforce this commitment and bring the best out of them.

Builds Camaraderie

Every company has employees coming from different walks of life and have diverse skills, knowledge, qualifications, and capabilities. It is not unusual to find natural silos between different departments. When these employees are thrown together as a team, they have no choice but to root for each other. It results in building camaraderie.

Come up as a family

It is seen that right after team building activities take place, the employees of the company come together as a family and are motivated to face the challenges together. These activities bridge the gap between work rivalry and following a common organizational goal.

Instils Gratitude

Another major reason why team building activities is a great investment expected to deliver amazing results is appreciation and gratitude from the employees who participate in such activities. They know that organizing picnics and activities is not mandatory for any company and areas such as thankful. It ensures continued hard work and employee loyalty.

Feels Rewarded

Employees who are a part of a corporate team outing feel rewarded and happy. This encourages them which results in increased work productivity.

Let us explore some of the best team building activities that can help enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.

Mumbai is the financial capital of India that witnesses the influx of a large number of people coming here with stars in their eyes, hoping to become successful. There is a lot of perfect places where corporate team outing can be organized.

Offsite Team Outings

There is no dearth of suitable places in Mumbai, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and office environment, where an amazing corporate team experience can be enjoyed. It is best to look for places that offer a much-required sense of peace, serenity, and a fun-filled day with co-workers. Here, a wide range of adventure activities as well as relaxed team building activities can be organized. Let us discuss some of the activities that can be planned here.

The TrustWalk

As the name suggests, in this activity participants work in teams. One of the members guides a blindfolded member using verbal cues through various obstacles. It is a very effective team building activity where team members learn to trust each other. In fact, they understand that they will be able to win the activity only if they trust each other explicitly. The activity can be held in open lawn or ground.

Holey Pipes

This activity is perfect to create team collaboration. As part of this fun-filled activity, members have to work with limited water in a time-bound manner. They have to use water to fish out a ball from a pierced pipe with a lot of holes. The team get supplies like cups, a bucket of water and a pipe with a lot of holes in it. Available water and cups are limited and are susceptible to easy spills. Thus, only combined team effort and innovative thinking can ensure the team emerging as a winner.

Multi Ball Ring

There is no dearth of options which has ample space where this activity can be easily organized. In order to win this activity, the team need to gather its wit and work flawlessly with speed. There is a common loading point for each team and goal corners for each individual with standard scoring parameters. This activity can be enjoyed by 20-200 participants. While participating, the team members learn collaboration, strategic thinking, and high engagement.

Tic TacToe

It seems to be a very easy exercise but when the whole team gets involved, it becomes slightly challenging. Team experiences sheer delight when indulged in this activity. The game rules are similar to the game we have played in our school days with the only difference that a team member moves with every game move. One has to be careful when making the move as a wrong decision can make the entire team lose.

Drum Jam Session

It is a fun-filled activity. The entire team grooves to the fun tapping African drumbeats. The idea is to strike harmony with the energetic percussion beats. The energy and excitement levels are high, and the entire team just let its hair down and get moving. It is fun watching them enjoying with gay abandon. Every team member is given Djembe, a percussion instrument which has to be played. The entire crowd is full of passion and energy.

Organizing these fun-filled team activities help the employees to come together and work collectively to achieve a goal. The team gets comfortable with each other and this change is seen even when they are working together. Close, collaborative work results in optimal work performance and high efficiency. It is for these benefits and reasons, every company must organize these activities from time to time.


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