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How to covert a Magento store into a Marketplaces and how it can improve my business?

How to covert a Magento store into a Marketplaces and how it can improve my business?  Magento store can be converted into Magento Marketplace by installing extensions. Those extensions will conver your Magento Ecommerce store into a Marketplace along with individual seller product collection and individual seller with feedback support rating and commissions.

Does the Extension Support all Shipping and Payment Gateways?

Marketplace extension is even supported by numerous shipping and payment extensions. A few of the well known shipping partners including UPS , FedEx, USPS and many more; And quite a few well known payment methods like Paypal a, stripe and many other marketplace payment API's accepts these Marketplace Extensions.

Does the Marketplace Extension works on all the editions?

Magento Marketplace Extension works perfectly fine in community version of Magento. Marketplace extension works = excellent with all LTR languages. The Marketplace Extension supports every themes as well as templates together with latest RWD (responsive web design). The Magento Marketplace Extension has an exceptional customer support from the knowledgeable and certified Magento developers. The Magento marketplace extension holds many Benefits for the store owners as well as big ecommerce sites that has marketplace within their store.

What’s new in Magento Marketplace?

· A considerately built store with smarter search and browse option to get extensions faster and quickly

· Curated group of high-quality products and services that have been through Technical, Marketing, and Business Value reviews

· Marketplace account that holds the track of procure history as well as data