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Learn Basic Guidelines of Attestation of Documents in UAE

Learn Basic Guidelines of Attestation of Documents in UAE

UAE has become a magnet for growth and along with it, a diverse population due to the exciting opportunities it has created over the years. People are flocking to Dubai and UAE in large numbers for job opportunities, advanced educational facilities and even to diversify their business. Though the UAE has invited them all graciously, for document attestation Dubai has been quite strict. Here is all you need to know about it.

What is document attestation in UAE?

The legal protocol that is followed to make sure that the documents which are submitted to the country’s embassy are legal and valid, is known as document attestation. To be a holder of employment visa, resident visa or student visa, one has to go through the process of document attestation Dubai.

When is document attestation required?

Legal attestation of commercial documents also becomes necessary at the time of setting up or running a business in the country, or from that country or for opening a new branch of the business. It is listed among the most common protocols that are followed for authenticating the legality of commercial documents to make the best of the booming business atmosphere in UAE.

What are the steps the documents have to pass through to be legal in the UAE?

There are two main steps that every document has to pass for legalization in the UAE.

  • Notarization

There are a lot of documents that are brought about by people from various countries. This is the first process in which the officials make sure that the documents that are put forth are legal in the country it originated from. There are a lot of people who fabricate papers to present it for document attestation. The details and signatures in the papers are verified and then the notary also signs and stamps it. This seal is a proof of the authenticity of the document before the final attestation.

  • Attestation

When a notarized document is attested, it holds an international appeal of authenticity. There are a number of processes that the documents go through before attestation.

Are there any more details to be taken care of before final attestation?

The UAE is not affiliated of the Hague Convention. Because of this reason, there are two more certification processes which should be done to your document so that it can qualify for the final stage of attestation. For all these processes, attestation services can be sought from professionals to make things easier for the applicants. The certifications are:

  • Certification of the documents by the UAE Embassy
  • Certification of the documents by the MOFA

Can professional help be sought for these processes?

All of these processes can be complicated for the general public who do not have a clear idea of the legal protocol to be followed. There are professionals providing attestation services who make sure that all the documents stand up to the standards that are required by the UAE Embassy and Government. For attestation of documents in the UAE, is a renowned and trustworthy professional.

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