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4 Parts Of The Best Social Media Campaigns

4 Parts Of The Best Social Media Campaigns

Social Media is proving to be one of the best marketing strategies. The marketing industry has seen an increase in clever and effective social media campaigns.
These top campaigns on all the top sites are very different, yet have certain things in common that I wanted to share.  Many people are just so excited with their products and with the Internet that they want to just dumped their links on every Social site.
If your business is considering a social media campaign, use these four main components to achieve your desired results and boost the impact to your bottom line:

1. A Carefully Developed Plan

The best social media campaigns start with a carefully developed plan. This plan should be specific to your campaign, but it should also fit into your overall social media strategy — meaning that your goals should not conflict, and the campaign should be a good continuation of your brand’s existing social voice and style.

For example when I began to post on social media, I had to plan, so I use every site as a dumpsite for each post I wrote in my blog.  I was like a annoying fly on a wall.  My blogs about movies were in areas that had no reason for being there.
Over time I realized that each site was different. I still wrote about anything I wanted, yet I no longer posted everything everywhere.  On LinkedIn, I now only shared my posted that I wrote about Marketing, self-building, and topics like entrepreneurship.  On my Facebook, I posted my blogs about world topics, video games, recipes, and other topics.  I mostly use LinkedIn, and Facebook. I am just now understanding Pinterest.  According to Google, I have never had anyone visit my site through MySpace, so I use it for fun.

My plan was now to reach the people of the day.  My goal was to get leads.  So, if I could think of a topic that day, I would use Google Trends, and find the biggest topic of the day.  That might be my topic, yet I was careful where to post it.

At a minimum, you’ll want to assign roles for messaging, design and promotion. If your social media campaign will be promoted across channels, make sure you’ve selected the right team members in departments to be responsible for your campaign. I do all this myself through my blogging.
The last part of your social media campaign plan should be to identify the metrics you’ll use to measure the success and ROI of your campaign. In order to do that, you’ll need to