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Do I Need A College Degree?

I am writing this article as my answer to what I read and saw in an buzz by Brian Wallace called 

Can You be Successful Without a College Degree?  

To first answer this question, I feel a person needs to ask themselves "HOW do they want to be successful?" If a person's definition of success is a career path, such as a doctor, lawyer, or perhaps a computer engineer than YES, a degree might be required.  

But, I feel their are two other paths most people choose. The first is a path where one's goal is to help and influence people in their lives. Here the answer is NO, we do not need a degree to accomplish this. This is done through strength in our character. The vehicle we choose to use might need a degree, but I feel that is different.

Lastly, I feel the most popular reason people go to college is they believe it will help them make more money in the long run. Society usually views a person's income as success. But, the path to financial freedom is found through financial - NOT traditional - education. 

The majority of my associates who I know that have degrees do not even use them. Many of them found their positions through the power of association. The wealthiest associates in my personal circles do not even have degrees. They created their wealth as entrepreneurs or through investments.  

The truth many people aren't willing to admit is you don't need a college degree to be successful. But you do need an education, along with a desire to continue to learn, work hard, and adapt. I, myself, learned more during my first few years out of college than all my college years together. I associated, and begin to listen to others who reached their goals in both their careers and financial life. I wanted to see the difference between their teaching and the world's.

The author who had the biggest impact on me after college was best selling author, Robert Kiyosaki. He taught me 5 things I could do besides going to college:

1.  Work to learn

2.  Explore non-traditional education

3.  Begin investing

4.  Start a business

5.  Serve your community

Simply having a college degree doesn’t guarantee a job, nor should it. Employees need to bring marketable skills to the table, as well as the ability to continue learning, growing, and providing value for their employer. I am not saying people who choose low paying degrees aren’t successful – far from it. Many people choose degrees based on what makes them happy, and it is easy to admire someone who chooses happiness over wealth.

But, sadly, I feel colleges goals are now only to sell degrees. Their is little care for the student or a goal to produce citizens with skills to help and grow the economy. This is why there are so many bizarre type of degrees today. Students with some of these degrees are only qualified to teach others who wants the same degree. Their other choice is to work a job that doesn't required a degree while paying off their "ball and chain" of student debt.

When the government started to give out student loans, college slowly started to become one of the biggest scams of all time. The government gives the loans to the students, the students pay the colleges, the colleges keep increasing the prices, and the government keeps giving out the loans while the quality of education decreases. These loans can never be gotten rid of, until paid off. One day I feel this "Student Loan" bubble will pop. 

#3 @Jerry Fletcher Thanks, I love the analogy.


#2 @Tausif Mundrawala I agree. I remember using a rote learning technique of learning before test and quizzes. I may have had A's and high B's. But years later, I realized that I did not learn the subjects. I only memorized them really well.
Everything that I learned in College I still know today. Everything I memorized, even though I may have got straight A's, I have forgotten.

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#1 Agree. I did not get the education I needed for the reality awaiting me in life at college. But, a professor their did help me overcome this biggest obstacle in my life at that time. I was struggling with the loss of my brother and with pride causing forgiveness.
Luckily, colleges weren't filled with propaganda back then and my teacher help me conquer this mountain of pain.


#4 @Debasish Majumder I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for your support.

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Debasish Majumder Hace 6 d · #4

lovely buzz @Preston 🐝 Vander Ven! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.

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Jerry Fletcher 11/1/2019 · #3

Preston, You are to be applauded for your straight thinking. In my view learning is not the cup being filled but rather the flow of data, information and knowledge from the hose which we can dip into throughout our lives.

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Tausif Mundrawala 10/1/2019 · #2

I myself had never believed in rote learning as it diminishes my thinking and answering ability. What difference does it make to my intellectualism when I am not able to understand the concept and just for the heck of it mugging up to score marks. The day I made myself well-read I have promised myself by reading whatever I want with the intention of understanding and not to set a record. When I read an article I try understanding the theme, concept, terms, facts etc rather than reading for the name sake. I utilized my travelling time with this exercise as it takes me two hours to reach office from my home. I have seen people wasting their time by not using it fruitfully which really pains me.

Like you I have been self-educating myself with reading, online courses, listening to people, close reading articles and poems etc. Sometimes I think that all the time available in a day is not sufficient enough but I do allot an hour for me time. Upto a certain extent degree helps us but only to get a job and I agree with the statement you made in its entirety.

In today's world you need to execute strategies and apply what you learn. In every segment and market there are many aspects where a customer is not satisfied. We can work on that concept and start a new business. It' a time of start-ups.

I thank you for this buzz, @Preston 🐝 Vander Ven

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Harvey Lloyd 10/1/2019 · #1

I have been in the education business for sometime now (20 years). Your post is appropriate and describes a real paradigm issue America faces. We work in lieu of farming or bartering to "provide for self and/or family" . College has made promises that it cant keep. America thinks that work is life where they give and commit all to college in hopes of having life. They are feeling quite empty right now.

Self, family and community is where we find meaning in life, serving others. Although intelligence helps, it is not the key to a life of fulfillment.

A young person should consider the community and their family and what will bring meaning for them. Then choose whether college will help this path or not.

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