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I Have A Challenge for You

I Have A Challenge for You

A friend of mine, name Alex,once gave me a challenge.  I’m now passing the challenge on to you.

Write down 100 things you would do with unlimited time and money.

This may sound easy but it actually took a long time.  I filled out the first 25 in about 3 or 4 minutes.  I then went into deep thought realizing that I didn’t need a career or a business to get more money or free my time, so I began to remove items like "investing, real estate, quit my job" from the list because I had unlimited resources already. About 3 hours later my list was complete.

When I looked at my list, I noticed that almost 90 percent of it had to do with helping others or making myself a better person.  Very few items were about material possessions that I wanted.  I, of course, had put some of my dreams of a high adventure hiking trip and such. But, these were more Bucket List ideas that I always wanted to do and I now have unlimited time and it was no longer a priority.  Other people I knew did not have this time. So I wanted to help them first.

What I learn from this challenge was these 90 items on my list were my true goals in life, not the 10 items that needed all the money.  I also realized that I could slowly take steps toward every one of them on a daily basis. 

So now when people ask me, "Preston, What is your Why?" I usually answer sometime like this, "It is NOT a Car, Boat, or a certain House. Instead of wondering when my next paycheck is, I am setting up a life I don’t need to escape from."

After completing this challenge, I asked myself, “Then why wasn’t I taking these steps?”  I guess I was afraid of being different. The world told me that I had to reach my goals a certain way, "Go to school, get a job, raise a family, retire, and then my goals would be met."  I thank my friend for changing my view.

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