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Internet Real Estate

Internet Real Estate

Article from my blog Freedom

Many people believe that McDonald’s is a hamburger business. Yet, the business giant is actually a Real Estate giant.  The real reason everybody knows McDonald’s name is not because they have the best products, yet because they are everywhere.  I, myself, don’t even like their burgers. They have a great system serving around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries across 35,000 outlets.  No matter where I go, I can find a McDonald’s.
So, you may be asking, “What does McDonald’s have to do with the Internet?”
First of all the internet is infinite unlike the physical world.  Your Internet Real Estate would be your content.  This would be your Blogs, Podcasts, Pictures, Articles, and Videos. One tip with content is you can turn one piece of content into many pieces of content. Imagine making a video. Posting the video the all the sites, then writing a blog about the video, and then taking a picture of the video and posting it to Pinterest with a link to your blog.
Your goal now is to ask yourself one question, “What is my Target Market?”  Once you understand this, you know where to place your McDonald’s (or content).  The reason McDonald's is so rich is they have the best locations, all the corner stops, every interstate exit, and gas station co-ops.
Your Target Market are not just followers yet potential customers.  If your selling the best chicken in the world, are you going to try to sell it a vegetarian? Of course, not, so target your market.
After you find your market, give them something of value. Value is something can be put into immediate action.
You need a funnel process with 3 steps:

  • Create Your Content
  • Promote Your Content
  • E-mail Your List

“If you give them the Want, your market will pay for the How

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